Cognitive Dissonance Advisory

With the debate surrounding the county budget, the following advisory is in effect for listeners and readers for the foreseeable future:
— We must rail against not-for-profits as sucking money from our pockets via lost tax dollars unless, of course, it is a non-profit with whose mission we agree.
— We must further rail against not-for-profits whose mission or stakeholders involve “those people” aka Asians and Hispanics/Latinos. However, if “those people” are seniors, then the not-for-profit should be embraced as sacrosanct.
— We must vote down any referendum such as the museum as that raises taxes on seniors and taxpayers at large. However, tax raises for referendums that support seniors have no harmful impacts on seniors or taxpayers at-large as they are subject to a different set of logical and economic principles.
— We need to cut, cut, cut programs as that merely takes us down the road to socialism, communism, marxism, leftism, liberalism, progressivisim. However, raising taxes to support certain programs as the OFA perfectly demonstrate the core principles of conservatism , fiscal discipline and capitalism.
— We will face imminent demise in the city with any tax increase above an arbitrarily established threshold — in this case, 3%. However, a county or school budget increase on tax payers at multiples of 3% is utterly sustainable and imposes no economic impacts on the city.
— We can reduce any tax increases in perpetuity merely by sharing services and making zero economic tradeoffs in taxes versus services. It’s simply magic.
— We can reduce taxes effectively to zero if we just eliminate all the waste and fraud in social services as the only people who benefit from food stamps, Medicaid and other services are “those people”; certainly no seniors rely upon food stamps or Medicaid.
— We must ultimately protect seniors not by programs or funding for health services , nutritional services or quality of life initiatives but by keeping discounted memberships at Muni for senior golfers– our most vulnerable seniors.
— We can avoid difficult ecomomic choices in cost and quality/quantity of service by demagoguing against those peopple who are just too lazy, stupid and dishonest to get jobs. Of course, the unemployment rate nearing 10% within the county illusrates just how easy it is too find work locally and proves the inherent laziness of the unemployed.
— We must not discuss services and programs ¬†for struggling families with economic or family issues nor ¬†children as they are irrelevant in any policy discussion.
— We cannot support any programs for any demographic group that imposes additional taxes on seniors; how can anyone be so selfish? Of course, the principle does not apply to programs for seniors. How dare you!
The disconnect between ideology and sound governance is really too much to take: I think it’s Code Orange.

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