Dear Mayor Thane

Dear Mayor Thane,
I see in a recent blog post that you still decry the lost opportunities for redevelopment of the Chalmers Building. You even quip ‘Lucky Cohoes’.
I must state, quite adamantly, how supremely convinced I find myself in pointing out your profound and hopeless confusion as to the identity of the fortunate and unfortunate party in this matter. Let me explain.
It is we who are lucky to be rid of Mr. Kaufmann and his vile plans for turning old factories into upscale apartments. What a profoundly ludicrous and implausible idea! I dare you to find but one example where this has worked successfully.
So Good riddance I say to working toward residential development in the city– who would be so foolish as to live here?
Bon voyage I say to the viability of upscale apartments on the south side of the river! We all know that upscale apartments only prove viable and desirable on the north side of the river, a few stone throws from the foolishness which you embrace.
Hasta la vista I say to federal or state investment in repurposing buildings — to accept such funds would be akin to embracing socialism. Of course, state or federal funds expended on the north side of the river represent the antithesis of socialism and indeed the essence of capitalism.
Arrivederci I say to the possible influx of a younger, more vibrant and more affluent demographic. We all know that the future of our city rests not in restoring growth but in managing our decline and demise — the faster the better. Let’s not disrupt such carefully crafted plans decades in the making.
Avidazen I say to the potential ripple effect of outside investment in our community and potential spend of the apartment residents. We all know that the only dollar figure that matters is the property tax rate. We should not delude ourselves into any demand side thinking; supply side rules the day here.
How can Cohoes be deemed lucky when it is we who will see the former Chalmers site redeveloped amidst a celebration like no other for such a perfectly formed and immensely large parking lot. Why, even you Mayor Thane, admitted interest in the site as a possible grocery store from a potential developer.
What amazingly good fortune for us at the precious opportunity for a new grocery store.
Who’s lucky now?! Clearly it’s not Cohoes.
Respectfully submitted,

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