The Magic of Shared Services

From article (here):

Five months after the Montgomery County Economic Development and Planning Department took over administrative duties for the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency, county budget cuts are expected to end the brief partnership.

Last week, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors approved the 2011 budget, making more than $1.4 million in cuts. Among the reductions were a planner and a principal stenographer in the Economic Development and Planning Department, as well as a 23 percent decrease in the department’s budget.

What I said in August 2010:

AIDA just contracted with the county for economic development. If the cuts apply to all departments, with no exceptions, I see a reduction of 40% in operating expenses for economic development. So the city just paid an entity that is under a self-imposed need to reduce costs. I’m curious how to market with a slashed budget. Again, I’m not following here.

The reason you cannot follow is that you should never question the powers of magic. And nothing is more magical than the flawed premise of shared services as practiced locally.

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