Just Make It Stop

I get the feeling I’m stuck in a soap opera that jumped the shark a few seasons ago. Now we have a whole new round of debate on the Bacon property. I’m just not into talking it about it any more. It’s exhausting.
Not to cop out, let me offer my immediate reaction, simply: sounds better than some of the dark alternates I envision so I would not oppose it , at least on first blush. My only hedge is that a civic center should be part of a core from which to develop so that becomes impractical at the Bacon site. But of course as we have absolutely no core in the city, we have to fragment and piecemeal public spaces that we long splintered but are essential to building a thriving  city. And let me state the obvious: the WPHO would have been lower impact neighbors in terms of traffic and attendant litter already strewn on our hill and Sassafras.
I don’t have any easy answers and no one wants to debate the tough questions either.
Peace out.

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