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A giant hat-tip to Charlie Kraebel for multiplying my blog hits (holy moley indeed!)  after linking to the post on Spring in Amsterdam.
Just wanted to point out that the meme of ‘no one reads blogs’ or ‘no one reads the Venner Vox’ does not quite gel with my stats on traffic on just this post from the Venner Vox. By the looks of it, a very large number of people must not read Venner Vox– they just click through from there with their hands covering their eyes hoping they get to a site they want to read.
That must be it.

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  1. Charlie K. says:

    You’re actually getting it wrong. It’s “no one who matters” reads the blogs.
    Which is funny because I just checked the VV’s dashboard and there are three county supervisors and two aldermen visiting the site right now.

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