Red Light District

Given the recent incident at the GASD and with a large number of blog hits for people searching for some variant of ‘GASD’ and ‘porn’, I expertly recovered the images in question from the computer.
As a fair warning, readers outside of 12010 will find this variety of porn to be suspect. However, to those within 12010, this is indeed salacious so please browse responsibly the images below. To help outside readers, I have captioned the photos to better articulate their pornographic interest to 12010 readers.
I have to admit to a lack of self-restraint here as my hope with this blog was to raise the bar on civic discourse. Instead I have been reduced to publishing the images below. But maybe it’s just me; after all, if no one cares about the substantive aspects of the recent incident at the GASD, caring instead for the salacious, I should be responsive to the demands of the audience. So here you go.

Nothing like group dirty talk on 'sharing services'. Perfect for your iPod as it's all audio and no action. Smokin'!

Wow, look at the size of that parking lot! Now that's one hot mall!

Reality-based porn: Shuttered schools dressed in graffiti and blight-- super hot!

Fantasy-based porn: Sure, it's Photoshopped but shuttering another school and selling it. Irresistible! Rumored to originate from former board members.

Smashing, grinding and swinging -- nothing hotter than demolition or the promise of demolition! Shwing!

Who needs 'performance enhancers' when you can listen to WHSPPPMR and WSOGBBC? Dirty, dirty talk on filthy, filthy people like the dogooders, liberals, the outsiders, the Buddhists, the Spanish, the welfare. No 900 number required! Sample audio: 'Ohhh, tell me how you'll cut my taxes and pay for my infrastructure. '

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6 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    I would hate to think that people didn’t care about the recent events with the GASD. But sadly, I believe that most are of the belief that they can do nothing about it and given how this state crafts more rules and laws to protect the public servants rather than holding them accountable to the public that pays them, I am not sure what CAN be done about it.

    • Robb says:

      Well, Todd, one thing that could be done is the GASD could legally seek compensation for the damaged computer and/or harddrive (and terminating that person if it wasn’t Seward).
      Additionally, the District can seek monetary damages for the time Seward was surfing when he should have been working. You wouldn’t need the harddrive for that, since the IP is logged by the internet service provider and we have the audit report that details at least the number of visits over a roughly month-long period (although having those logs would certainly tell about visits before and after the audit window).
      If I were the District, I would file a lawsuit to halt benefit payments to Seward until a formula can be had that would indicate some sort of re-payment and either ask him to cough it up or deduct it from his benefits. This of course would take some work on the BOE, Perillo, and GASD attorney Mycek, who have proven themselves rather inept at such simple processes. Again, sweeping it under the rug is just so much easier, ya know?
      I still can’t believe the next-to-nothing amount of noise I’ve heard about this very serious issue. Nothing on the news that I could see, and just a day or so worth of coverage from the LH and Recorder.

      • Todd says:

        Robb, All the things you are saying can be done need to be
        initiated by people that seem more interested in serving each other
        than serving the public for which they work. How do you tear apart
        a system where cover each other’s butts has become the thread that
        the whole system is now interwoven with short of anarchy? You
        replace one piece and the rest of the thread covers or incorporates
        the new piece. Even the 3 GASD board seats up for election would
        probably not do much good even IF they were all filled by fresh,
        honest people TRULY committed to serving the children and community
        instead of each other. I can’t believe it didn’t get any more news
        coverage than it did.

      • MJD says:

        I realize I’m on the wrong side of conventional wisdom but I believe it’s much more likely that the web activities in question were a result of a virus than an employee misusing the computer. The kind of virus that repeatedly opens your browser to commercial sites is very common these days because they’re very lucrative. The districts IT specialist concluded it was a virus. I realize the audit suspected it wasn’t the result of a virus but that is based on the viruses they found not causing that kind of browser history. The problem with that is not all viruses show up in a scan. So you’re jumping to conclusions that are most likely incorrect.
        Either way you have your pound of flesh. A 25 year employee lost his job in one of the most embarrassing ways possible. Why isn’t that enough for you two?

      • Robb says:

        Call me cynical, MJD, but there are a lot of unanswered questions here, mainly why didn’t this virus affect anyone else’s machine? Would an experienced and certified auditor at a government agency, presumably versed in computers and networks, viruses, etc., mean nothing against an IT specialist at a district whose responsibility is limited to a small amount of computers and an even smaller amount of people with access to those computers relative to the state auditor? The IT guy’s ‘conclusion’ or the State auditor? My money is with the auditor…sorry. And I don’t think a person’s extensive tenure with an employer gives that person the carte blanche to do as he or she pleases, including allegedly using a public computer to surf porn on my dime.
        Also, Seward didn’t lose his job over this (but he should have for the serious, serious accounting errors from recent years), so the incorrect assumption lies with you. He quit and with his retirement go more unanswered questions along with a fat pension (more of my tax dollars) after those 25+ years he/you tout and is literally laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Todd says:

    I am not getting at all how you think he “lost his job” over this. There wasn’t even the slightest public pressure for him to go, there hadn’t even been enough time for there to be public pressure. You think he felt he had to quit a 25 year career over an incident that so clearly was not of his doing (according to you and his co-workers assesment)? Is that what you consider normal behavior? I can honestly say that it would suck to have an embarrassing incident like that be made public and wether true or not, the damage would be done. I can also honestly say that I would NOT quit my 25 year carreer if it wasn’t something of my doing. Since it was already made public the damage has been done, to fight the accusations would not cause further damage, unless the accusations were proven accurrate.
    You also don’t mention the curious fact that the computer could then not be checked further a week later due to it being “inoperable”, really? You actually think that someone didn’t tamper with that? That alone is probably a crime, given that it is government property.
    You said “you believe” that it was probably caused by a virus, conveniently now we will never know for sure.

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