Here’s how we strategerize (from the story on Global Foundries impact in the Leader Herald):

Rooney said workers will be coming to the region from all over the world, and the ability to respect and work with them is critical.

Michael Reese, president of the Fulton County Economic Development Corp., said GlobalFoundries employees could look for housing in the area, but he’s concerned about a lack of diverse housing.


You see kids, we harp on our poor state of housing stock yet, when an opportunity to develop brand new and highly differentiated housing stock within the entire Capital District comes about, we reject it. Think about it: the premise of the argument against Chalmers relies upon the fact that it is differentiated. Meanwhile, what does a key demographic seek in real estate: differentiated housing.
Apparently we are reading Michael Porter upside down and in reverse: A strategy delineates a territory in which a company seeks to be unique.
Our version apparently can be aptly stated as: A strategy delineates everything at all in which Amsterdam seeks sheer irrelevancy and triteness.
I won’t even mention working with people from all over the world– we’ve clearly demonstrated how that works here with the Chinese Buddhists.
I’m surprised there’s no restrictions or banishment of Apple product ownership in Amsterdam given their slogan of Think Different.
We know better: Think Same.

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