Get Me a Rewrite

The well-worn narrative on the fate of the city goes something like this: Amsterdam is in a decline and will forever be in decline. Just look at New York State and how many people leave the state. It’s hopeless. It’s an absoulte cretainty. It’s inevitable  that Amsterdam will decline and we need to manage that decline; to manage otherwise — for growth, for rebound —  is foolishness, madness and delusional.
So when the Recorder publishes the statistics showing that maybe trends are not linear but perhaps cyclical, you must pause and wait for the eventual pilot of the rewritten script on why Amsterdam still will ultimately implode. After  all, the soap opera that is Amsterdam depends upon its formulaic cast and plot lines  to keep this melodrama moving in its ever downward spiral.  Better to jump the shark for the umpteenth time than rewrite the script hoping for relevancy lost decades ago.
Here are the statistics:

Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane said last week the city was expecting to come in around 17,500, showing a loss in population. After hearing the current census numbers showing the city had grown from 18,355 to 18,620, the mayor said she was pleasantly surprised.

“I think that its small growth but it’s significant,” said Thane. “We are holding steady and I think it’s wonderful news that we are 26 percent Hispanic and I think we need to celebrate our diversity.”

The last positive growth in the city was documented in the 1930 Census when Amsterdam grew 3.9 percent in population.

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