I’m not sure why I continue blogging as it seems most of what I write is a rehash of a prior post . On the other hand, this blog merely reflects commentary on the events of the day so if the events of today are the same as yesterday and the day before ad infinitum, I should not be surprised to cover the same old ground.  I’m reduced to critiquing the contours and textures of the rut versus , try as I may, to wrest us free from said rut.
Let’s travel down this well-worn path yet again while you try to keep whatever remaining shards of reasoning available to your embattled brain:

  • Let’s reject $460K from the Buddhists — we don’t like how they worship per our esteemed leaders nor the fact that they are tax-exempt (how dare they pick the tax payers pockets! ). If a tax-exempt worships the proper deity per our esteemed leaders, how dare  you question that tax-exempt status — blasphemer, heretic and … leftist?
  • Let’s reject $460K  from the Buddhists– our seniors are terrified! — so we can protect seniors through a 15% tax levy increase in the school budget and the elimination of 69 positions. What protects seniors better than eliminating programs and services for our children while raising their tax rates? Absolutely nothing; our seniors demand nothing less than simply to be terrorized.
  • Let’s reject $460K from the Buddhists… wait for it… so we can play a shell game with public money between the city and school district hoping the apathetic public does not figure out that the net gain to the tax payer is precisely $0. Zero dollars. Of course, the public pushback on the shellgame is zero as apathy requires zero effort.
  • Let’s not sell Bacon school to the Buddhists but to the city instead. Once the referendum on the sale by the GASD is approved, a future Council will pull funding from the civic center , citing protecting the tax payer, so the building with improvements can be sold to a crony private entity with a less desirable use for the immediate area.
  • Let’s not editorialize on the financial management and public disclosure issues on the GASD audit.  What is Spring without a thorough sweeping?
  • Let’s pretend the demolitionists have a plan and agenda at what should be developed and advocated for the former Chalmers site.  Why expect them to craft their own plan or strategy when their publicly endorsed role requires them to shoot and shout things down versus building anything up.
  • Let’s pretend that a 3% tax cap rate is sustainable when pension and health care costs are multiples of said tax cap. And let’s repudiate those with the guts to express that discomforting thought. Let’s also pretend we can cut our way to a solution with no reduction in quality of services or no new revenue streams. As long as we can bond for demolition, why worry at all?
  • Let’s relentlessly focus on the city budget with its maximum cap of 3% versus county and school budgets which potentially yield tax increases of 23% and 15% respectively.  The public demands drama so let’s not let numbers stand in our way of fine kabuki of our city government. What you perceive as demagoguing around a 3% tax cap while shrugging off multiples of that from the school and county is in fact, the core essence of protecting the taxpayer.
  • Let’s pretend a viable solution to our overall budget issues lie in rejecting mandates with which we politically disagree. Of course if said mandates include the self-interests of the demagogues, that is off-the-table. How dare you question mandates and contracts?!
  • Let’s bemoan the gain in Census population as necessarily coming from those people — aka welfare —  without a shred of hard facts or numbers to support that claim. Of course, the proponents of that claim should find sympathy from us as an unexpected uptick in population disrupts their gleeful preparation for the previously ordained apocalypse of our fair city. So sad to see that dream frayed a bit. How will they justify their insatiable appetite to shutter and demolish with facts arguing otherwise? I’m sure they will find a way.
  • Let’s admit that kids or parents with kids deserve nothing from our community; our community demands only our tax dollars and owes us nothing in return. Let’s admit that our wants and needs matter not if it in any way it requires something from the broader community. As parents with school age kids, you deserve to see programs gutted and services reduced. How dare you express interest in a civic center which provides a public good to kids? Or expect more academic programs? A simple test: does the program or service benefit seniors? if yes, then it is vitally important. If not, then f-off.
  • Let’s pretend that budgets are not about choices amongst competing interests but instead always serve your best interest even though your best interests are rarely if ever served. Simple test: whatever interest is advocated or championed by default supersedes your own; how dare you expect otherwise?!

Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.
Ambrose Bierce

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