Barnyard Fables

Inspired by this:

A hen and a pig were sauntering down the main street of an Indiana town (yes, this is another shaggy dog story!) when they passed a restaurant that advertised “Delicious bacon and eggs: 75 cents.” “Sounds like a bargain,” approved the hen. “That owner obviously know how to run his business. “It’s all very well for you to be so pleased about the dish in quiestion,” observed the pig with some resentment. “For you it is all in the day’s work. Let me point out, however, that on my part it represents a genuine sacrifice.”

I doubt it matters to the trajectory of what happens at Bacon School so pardon my ambivalence in the following observations:
– The Council , so concerned with the state of infrastructure in our city as the most pressing and urgent of issues, channels funds to a project wholly irrelevant to what they deem so urgent. The beauty is how this happens, again and again: advocate for  initiatives that you choose not to fund. Perhaps their ultimate vision is demolition and paving– that would be one sweet parking lot.
– The GASD board, ever stalwarts of financial management and financial reasoning, rush through negotiating a sale of the building clearly signaling to any buyer that they are anxious to close a deal, any deal, so they can avoid paying a $10K fee for the referendum.  As a result, to ‘save’ $10K, the district will lose 20 to 30 times that through their negotiating stance.  That is why the GASD can list a building like the museum for $325K and ‘protect the taxpayer’ by selling it for $80K. Hey, they got the buyer to pay the $10K by knocking $240K off the listing. And the public cares not.
-A deafening silence at the prospect of a non-profit owning the school. I won’t ask if the community remembers the ‘outrage’ as their principled stance against the curse of non-profits of yesterday means nothing today — institutional memory is non-existent here.
-We can fund a civic center with tax payer funds but not a school. Apparently if the taxpayer funds come from the GASD coffers  that is quite different than if from the city coffers.  If you advocate for academics, you are harshly reminded that sports trump academics each and every time. It’s just like high school , only with the realization that graduating does not solve your problem, namely, that you are still a nerd.
-I would look forward to the plywood  getting ripped off of the windows at the school and only hope the parking lot is not lit up like the one at Target as part of the ‘improvements’.
-I would look forward to a revitalized grounds and building as long as the litter strewn hills at the grounds and on the streets adjacent get  cleaned up.
-I am displeased at the WPHO not getting the building as it would have likely meant a lower impact on the neighborhood and likely less risky financially.  More importantly I could have maintained my illusion of the goodness of our species.
-I look forward to opponents of the WPHO purchase explaining their support for this project based upon the financials of the deals. That will ‘amuse’ me greatly. To quote Stephen Colbert: Sometimes it takes a crazy person to see the Truth. If so, I’m a freaking lunatic.
As a civic center, I’m curious if different organizations can use the space for events. If so, I really need to know exactly what they might be saying or teaching there. Has anyone seen a syllabus or program guide?
So where do I stand? Pretty ambivalent. I’m not wildly enthusiastic about the civic center nor am I wildly against it.  I lean somewhat in favor as it has to be better than the blighted, graffitti-laced building it is now.  But then I think to myself : what happens when the city, through the typical clusterf–k of policy making and decision making so prevalent in our community — emboldened through endemic apathy, misinformation and demagoguery–   decide to sell it off or idly wait for it to once again descend into blight?
I’m more than tired of being the pig vainly persuading the hens . As transmutation rarely works, the best this little piggy can come up with is “For Sale By Owner”.

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