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I’m going to revisit one of my favorite words in this post: ‘ennui’.
I”m firming my beliefs that the state of local affairs is truly intractable– no matter how you try to advance a different framework or different policies, it simply remains the same.  If we just keep doing the wrong stuff over and over and over, one of these times, the right results will come out.  This is akin to running headlong into a brick wall with the fervent hope that, given the right molecular alignment between you and the wall, you will pass through the wall unscathed.
I find this borne out more than clearly on any issue relating to economics or finance on any level. It’s frustrating on a local level especially but it would be unfair to say that it is strictly a 12010 issue. This state of affairs seems global.
So while I could , for seemingly the 98th time, point this out for the city, county and GASD policies on economics and finances, I find it rather pointless. What makes it more so, as just one of an endless number of issues,  is the recent national debate on the Paul Ryan budget plan which I think Paul Krugman nails perfectly:

I believe that translates as, “We believe in voodoo. Also, arithmetic has a well-known liberal bias.”

So how can you expect informed local decisions on  numbers with 7 zeros  when folks intentionally misinform  on numbers with  12 zeros globally?  And apparently the more zeros, the stronger the inverse relationship between serious debate and the number of zeros.  Or put differently, the stronger the inverse relationship between Serious People and Serious Debate?
That’s why a 99th post brings me to my word: ‘ennui’.

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