Cognitive Dissonance — Part B

Compliments of Dan Weaver at Upstream & Downtown , the Chamber of Commerce sends a letter:

Our elected officials need to seriously consider the detrimental impact this will have on an already struggling business community. The City of Amsterdam has touted their support of business and economic development over the years; however, this water rate increase directly conflicts with this message.

So similar to my points to the Board of Supervisors in my last post, let us check if a letter was by the Chamber sent to the GASD given their double digit tax increase– nope.
Let’s check if the Chamber sent a letter to the County Board of Supervisors given their 10+% tax increase to the towns– nope.
Let’s check if the Chamber deems the performance of the school district as relevant to building a viable community and attracting , maybe just maybe, some of the folks at Global Foundries — still no letter to the GASD .
Interesting, no?

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