Something in The Water

Time precludes a lengthier post along with the Parts C,D, et al to my ‘Cognitive Dissonance” series.
I just want to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to note the following:
1) We have a school budget and school board vote tonight which barely registers on the collective radar. I get all kinds of blog hits of people trying to find out something on the school board candidates; I’d mention for the umpteenth time that maybe, just maybe, the GASD Web site might want to profile the candidates or the broader public may actually want to attend a forum with the candidates. Apparently if sports are in the budget and no candidate is on record against sports, does it really matter? Apparently not.
2) I usually endorse candidates but as I’m feeling George Costanza of late on most issues, I’m going to withhold my endorsements as this will likely multiply the odds of my candidates winning.
3) Nice to see so many folks focused on the water rate increase which pales in comparison to their collective  tax bill for  school and county taxes. That strikes me as utterly rational economic and financial thinking.  Sure.
4) Nice to see our Esteemed Leaders singularly focused on the water rate and mum on broader economic issues effecting our city ala the school district and economic competitiveness. Wait until you see how many people wish to call Amsterdam their home once we tout our glorious water and water tax rate instead of focusing on the performance of our school district or the broader livability of the community.  “Hey folks! We have water, sports and most of all, rampant cronyism! Pack on up and move to Amsterdam!”
Clearly there is something in the water and ultimately, it becomes the Kool-Aid.

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  1. You’re absolutely right. I felt like I was being held hostage by the school district. The choice–vote for this budget or you will have to accept a bigger ones. I’ve brought up simple cost savings measures, like eliminating night games, but no one listens. Also, as Carl Strock pointed out this week, in many school districts, former teachers, and spouses of current teachers and school district employees are running for school board in large numbers. While they should not be denied the opportunity to run, too many former teachers, school districts employees and spouses of current employees on the board creates a problem.

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