Here’s some awesome news for the demolitionists and our frightened elderly: 

Some of the properties the WPHO is selling had been on the demolition list before the August auction. With about 30 city-owned properties set to be demolished this year using funding bonded for the demolition effort, 1st Ward Alderman Joseph Isabel said the possibility of more properties being added to the demolition list is worrisome.

We get to have demolition plus be rid of ‘those people‘!  Awesome. I never quite knew exactly what the hell they were doing here.
PS Don’t tell anyone but that bond fund and all that demolition — it does not fall under the 3% cap. Also, don’t mention that this will drive tax rates higher. Shhhh….
PPS Here’s a question: remember all that concern about not-for-profits sucking the life out of the city and preventing ‘takeovers’ in the future by buyers scooping up large numbers of property? Of course not, because that was then and this is now. Don’t you see the difference? Silly kids.
Demolition rocks.

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  1. karin says:

    If we must demo – I think the city should start its own Salvage Yard, instead of bringing in an outside company to take all of the old architecture and useable things out of and off these houses. The city could actually make money by selling these items. Saratoga has a huge salvage yard and they get big money for old french doors, fireplace mantles, pedistal sinks, clawfoot tubs, windows, finials, and so on.

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