And the farce of a parody of a myth of a fantasy performed as kabuki , aka “shared services”, lumbers along: 

Alderwomen Julie Pierce and Gina DeRossi of the 2nd and 3rd Wards, respectively, are co-chairs of the city’s Shared Services Committee, though they have not called a meeting since February of last year.


“The county isn’t moving forward with anything that’s going to cost money, we just don’t have it and I’m sure the city’s in the same boat,” he said. “Any initiative from either side, I believe, that requires that there be some capital expended is not going to happen for probably the foreseeable future.”

Let me preview the platform for the local races in 2012: “I will lower city taxes by sharing services with the county.”
Let’s never ask any existing elected official, even though they ran on a shared services platform, precisely how much they have garnered in shared services savings for the city. That sours the KoolAid flavor so we can never ask that.
Keep drinking the KoolAid kids, it’s always sweet and tasty.

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