Suddenly,  I’m addicted to the NBA playoff series.
So rather than soapboxing on the usual stuff, I’m more inclined to talk pick-and-rolls and zones. Not sure how that all happened but there it is.
So if you want to weigh in on the Heat/Celtics game tonight or discuss the mastery of basketball by the Spurs in last night’s game, here you go.
Disclosure: I’m rooting for OKC although given last night’s performance, a bit anxiously

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2 Responses

  1. Boston’s is one of the grittiest teams I’ve seen over the past few years, and that’s really painful to admit, being a lifelong Lakers fan. I don’t think they’ve got the juice to last a whole series with Miami.
    I’m actually rooting for San Antonio to win the whole thing. It’s been a lot of fun watching the Duncan-Parker-Ginobili trio over the past few years, and it would be nice to see them win one more ring before they blow the team up. The Spurs don’t get a ton of attention because they don’t have anyone named LeBron or Kobe, but that’s about as solid a team that’s ever been put together, and Duncan’s one of the best to ever step on the court.

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      100% agree.
      The other interesting aspect in last night’s game, and the OKC/Spurs series, is experience/thinking. I’d have thought the Celtics would have the advantage in that regard but they IMHO made some poor shot choices in last minutes of the regular game which I think enabled the game to go to OT.
      And tonight will be interesting to see how OKC adjusts in terms of shot selection and defense against the smarts of the Spurs.

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