Is it Safe?

With MOSA’s service agreement nearing its end, I’ll look forward to how this whole ordeal plays out as it makes for rich material for the blog; on the other hand, we should reflect on how less rich MOSA has made the tax payers of Montgomery County during its operating history. As my blog generates zero revenue and MOSA costs me hard tax dollars, I don’t think it quite works out for me , or anyone for that matter.
It goes without saying that curmudgeons like yours truly will be scolded on the absolute need for consolidation and shared services as they are the only way to ever, ever lower taxes. And even though MOSA, as a quintessential example of shared services and consolidation on a large scale, demonstrates how wrong that ideology sometimes works in the real-world with its undeniable negative returns to tax payers, we must still believe.
I like to think of the promise of shared services and consolidation like the tooth fairy; the only difference being that this tooth fairy pickpockets your dollar and immediately reaches into your mouth to rip your tooth out, ¬†while you’re still very much awake and with no novocaine. Kind of like the dentist in Marathon Man– “Is it safe?“.
Run. Bloody RUN!

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3 Responses

  1. robert purtell says:

    Not sure where MOSA is headed, nor am I sure what direction Montgomery county will go, one thing for sure though is that MOSA has decreased their tipping fees since it’s new administrator by 25-30 percent,
    There is no secret to garbage, the major cost being T&D, trucking and disposal, and to best negotiate deals on T&D, volume is a major consideration. To reduce the T&D any other way would be to shorten the distance of delivery or have your own landfill, or both. Mosa had this situation when Don Adamowski left as administrator of MOSA, they had sited a landfill and I believe had permits in place, on Greene RD in Montgomery county, This site if opened would have been a money saver as well as benifits financially for the host community.
    The landfills of today have changed in design, what they accept and the volum they recieve, with a real trend to taking materials out of the waste stream.
    If we have no plans to open a new state of the art landfill, or find a way to deliver our trash and dispose at lower rates, then the cost of your trash disposal will increase.
    Also remember it takes about ten years to site and open a landfill, what are your choice between now and then?

  2. Come back, come back, wherever you are.

  3. Bethany says:

    (to the tune of Mrs. Robinson)
    Where did you go, Flippin’ Amsterdam, our city turns its lonely eyes to you, woo hoo hoo.

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