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A press release from Mayor Thane below. My quick take is that this is precisely right in the kind of economic development efforts that need, and have been desperately needed for the past decades, to jump start the city.
It goes without saying that there will be naysaying and contempt for the concept from the usual chorus but kudos to those giving back to the community and who embrace entrepreneurship as a viable strategy for economic development here.
About time.
PS While this release has the format of my satirical posts, this is an actual release actually released by Mayor Thane.
For Immediate Release
October 15, 2012

A striking new business incubator initiative, Enterprise Amsterdam NY, invites businesses or individuals to submit proposals that will start or expand existing business opportunities in the City of Amsterdam. The brainchild of Gary N. Brown, Sam Palazzole and Bob Quick, successful industrialists originally hailed from the Rug City, Enterprise Amsterdam NY plans to provide mentoring, space allocation, administration, operational support, advice, counsel and/or capital investment to chosen projects that result in job creation in the City of Amsterdam.
“After considerable discussion, this group decided to pool their experience and assets to create a new development engine in their hometown. They have much to offer in the way of knowledge, networking and strategic planning that may benefit start-up ventures or established businesses wishing to expand, as well as the wherewithal to make it happen.” said Mayor Ann M. Thane, “These gentlemen believe that the private sector can progress projects more rapidly than government agencies. They anticipate that by collaborating with the public sector they can jump start new business and economic development in Amsterdam.”
All three men are natives of Amsterdam and live in the area either full or part-time. All three attended the former Wilbur H. Lynch High School in Amsterdam and are also graduates of New York State universities.
Gary N. Brown started his career as a Marketing Director at Amsterdam Printing and as the VP and President of Kole Industries in Florida. He went on to establish BrownCor, a nation-wide B2B packaging and shipping supply company, which he sold to an international public company. He then founded g. Neil Companies, a worldwide leader in B2B human resource and business supplies. At g. Neil, he eventually partnered with a Boston-based investment banking firm and personally evaluated hundreds of businesses. He went on to acquire an additional nine synergistic firms employing over 2,700 people and operating in six countries to create Centis Companies of which he was Chairman of the Board.  In addition, Mr. Brown is a former Board Member of both BioHeart, a biotech company using stem cell technology to treat cardiovascular disease, and Full90, a vanguard in creating protective headgear for athletes. He is also the founder of Motorcar Portfolio, a classic car dealer and auction company.
Sam Palazzole is a four-year Navy veteran who went on to work at Roche Laboratories, an international pharmaceutical company and worked in sales, marketing and medical education for over 18 years. After seeing a niche in the market that Roche declined to pursue, Mr. Palazzole started a revolutionary pharmaceutical medical education and marketing company that, in only 12 years, successfully launched 150 products from 50 healthcare companies. He sold his company to Quintiles Transitional, an international service company specializing in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Palazzole then created the XRx Group, a company dedicated to improving patient compliance and disease management. Mr. Palazzole is also a partner in Saratoga Builders, LLC, an award-winning builder of homes in Saratoga Springs. He is the New York Capital Region Chair for the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children and was the driving force behind establishing the satellite office in Saratoga Springs.
Bob Quick is a former teacher, Information Technology Manager and Chief Information Officer in the public sector. He is the Founder and CEO of Tailwind Associates, a technology company providing software and services solutions to companies in both the public and private sectors. Tailwind Associates is a 20-year old company that has grown from a two person enterprise to a multi-million dollar business with offices in Schenectady, Charlotte, NC, Austin, TX and West Palm Beach, FL. Mr. Quick is also a partner in SMI, a start-up social media analytics company based in West Palm Beach.
The group decided recently to release the request for proposals to see who in the region is interested in this exciting project and what ideas will come to the table. Projects of all sizes and variety will be considered,” said Thane. “This program will provide business support services and resources tailored to each individual proposal.”
Proposals should be postmarked by November 20th for the first round of review. Brief, one page proposals, including a short description of the idea, number of potential jobs created, and identified needs of the organization should be sent to: Enterprise Amsterdam NY, Attention: Sam Palazzole, 8 Campion Lane, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 or sampalazzole@aol.com.
“It is the hope of these generous individuals that they will inspire a local interest in entrepreneurialism” said Thane.
Photo, from left to right: Gary N. Brown, Bob Quick, Sam Palazzole

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