Presidential Debate 2 Reax

My thoughts in no particular order:
– Women: I found Romney’s statements on how he selected his cabinet in terms of women to be a bit contradictory: either he hires based upon skills , suggesting his initial recruitment efforts found no qualified women, or he worked it as a quota system. Either way, I don’t think it endeared him to women. I also thought his suggestion that his female Chief of Staff had to be home at 5 for dinner to be ill phrased. Also, Mitt’s views on contraception sound fairly adrift from the primaries where he ran to the right. And finally, his statements on two parent families seems unaware of the large swath of single parent households. I don’t see Romney gaining traction with women but likely losing traction given his statements.
And WTF with the binders?
–Benghazi, Libya: I think Obama destroyed Romney on Libya– it was Obama at his most forceful and I daresay presidential. You should watch that clip as no doubt it will get a lot of airplay. Also, it will be controversial that Candy Crowley pointed out the simple fact that Romney misstated Obama’s words. How dare we actually push back by referencing facts: there goes your liberal media.
–Macroeconomics: Obama made a clear case on how it was the recession that drove gas prices lower and that when growth resumes, gas prices will be higher. It’s macro 101. Also I found ROmney’s assertion that we will achieve energy independence in 8 years to be surreal: I don’t see how that is attainable by any measure.
–5 Point Plan: I don’t get how people buy into a plan that lacks any sound economic basis. I think Obama punctured it pretty well especially turning the tables on Romney by saying that if he(ROmney) were an investor looking at the plan, ROmney himself wouldn’t buy it. Very well done.
–Mitt vs Mitt: I’m just dumbfounded by how moderate Mitt has become — the move to the center if you will– compared to how far to the right he had to move to get the primary nod. I find myself agreeing with a number of things of the moderate Romney appearing at the debates but I don’t believe him ‘cus I happened to be convinced by the rightwing Romney who ran in the primaries trying to move to the right of Perry and Bachmann. Apparently the strategy works so that fascinates me from a social commentary and a behavioral psychology angle although it terrifies me at the state of political campaigning.
–Obama vs Obama: I’m not sure who the guy was at the first debate in comparison to the guy on stage tonight. I did not fully comprehend the chasm between Obama 10.16 versus Obama 10.03; I think I like the new release way better and kicking myself at what a lousy release 10.03 was but somehow thought it was OK.
I’m way tired and my professional work is bleeding into my political commentary so that means it’s time to get my four hours of sleep.

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