Parodying Parody

It’s tough to discuss politics when literally what you would write as parody , is itself reality.
Let me see if I understand recent events:
— Our politics have ‘evolved’ to the point where rape is now a political ideology and subject to political discourse. Apparently, we have a rape demographic that can be a key constituency heretofore unbeknownst by politicians. Or better yet, maybe we can solve the partisan divide in the spirit of bipartisanship by saying rape is ‘OK’ — you know, bipartisan is centrist so ‘OK’ puts it precisely between the pro-rape and anti-rape voices. And we all know we need more bipartisanship, am I right ladies?
— The high rate of unemployment in Montgomery County is from people too lazy to work versus lack of jobs.
–If we forgive or relax terms of a loan made with public monies to a business for failing to meet its loan objectives, that is smart investment in retaining and growing jobs. If we advocate for tax relief to homeowners or incentives to forgive personal debt or avert foreclosure, that is a socialist effort to expand the welfare state. Businesses who take public money are virtuous; individuals who take public money are pond scum.
— If a capital district school ranking shows the GASD ranked in the bottom 5 five of 81 capital district school districts, then the problem has nothing to do with the governance and policies of the GASD; indeed, the ranking , as voting shows, can only be addressed through more aggressive cost cutting and electing board members who only care about financials, often inversely proportional to their financial management skills.
— You can convince me on Facebook to vote for your candidate with posts teeming with misinformation, untruths and propaganda. I get it: Obama is a socialist, Marxist, Muslim. Not because you know what the words mean but simply by stringing the words together it makes it true, and the more pejoratives the stronger your facts and reason underpinning your argument must be. Simply must be the case.
— With more CEOs asserting power over ballots through direct threats and not-so-subtle threats to employees on how to cast their vote, we now see the future of representative government. As corporations are people –thanks to the Citizens United decision — and CEOs sit atop corporations and they are clearly people, it makes sense that the people who are corporations and CEOs have a voice in the political process. Of course, the fact that their voice is so MUCH LOUDER than the public-at-large should not be of concern. After all, is it not socialism to enable all individuals to have an equal voice in representative government through their vote versus the exalted state of what I presume to be uber-capitalism whereby your corporation and CEO dictate your choices at the polls? And why not tether employees more to their CEOs and corporations for health care benefits as they are exemplary keepers of their employees well-being regardless of health outcomes or impacts to the bottom line. Indeed, we should simply be rid of the nuisance of representative government and instead opt for corporate governance. How would you like your coffee, sir? (Of course it is ‘sir’ because ladies have lady parts and lady parts lead us to scary places like health policy, medicine and science.)
Update: Representative Lipton Tetley on the House Science and Technology Committee just spoke on the House floor and issued this statement on the ongoing controversies on lady parts:

We know that just ten thousand years ago, vaginas freely roamed the Earth with our forefathers and the dinosaurs. Our forefathers , along with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex , fought mightily against the vaginas so terrorizing them. So it’s now important to note that while President Obama embarks on another apology tour, he has yet to call vaginas terrorists and indeed projects weakness to other terrorist groupss like alQaida also meaning us harm. I also demand a personal apology from the President for prompting my use of the v-word on the hallowed floor of this Chamber of Congress.

— Apparently with some increased developer interest in Chalmers , that now fully repudiates those of us in support of repurposing the buildings and validates the demolitionists.  Told ya so! they exclaim. Let me remind the told ya so crowd that you have no concrete proposal, no vetted developer and I daresay, no market study that proves the concept will be a success. Somehow this still vindicates them based upon…. absolutely nothing. Let’s not forget how essential and vital  a publicly available business and marketing plan are to opening the gate to this project. Told ya so!
— The Town of Amsterdam wants to impose a property tax for their highway . department. That’s outrageous– we should share that service with the county so everyone in the county can pay for it including me. Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate.
A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool. Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton 
Let me say for the record: You sir,  Donald Trump , are a great man

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  1. diane says:

    What would be nice is if we had an appraisal of the Chalmers Property before we start entertaining/negotiating with any party. I have been told there is no appraisal for the property, I for one think it would be a good place to start. If there is one, I think it should be made public so everyone is starting on the same page 🙂

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