Election Day 2012

Here are some thoughts on election day 2012 for contested races:
Presidential Race — I’ll be voting for Obama/Biden. While I’ve been anxious that Romney would win, I feel much better that Dick Morris has predicted a landslide win for Romney. That pretty much seals an Obama victory as far as I’m concerned. It’s the Kristol principle.
I’m absolutely stunned at some of the commentary around the presidential race — it’s pretty pathetic. From the misunderstanding of numbers and statistics, to the ideologues who make claims with no basis in reality and to the media’s subservience to the right makes me fairly cynical of the political process.
If you couple that with what I think are two disturbing trends: 1) corporatization of politics through Citizens United and 2) the very focused legislative and executive directives to curtail or void voting rights under the guise of “stopping voter fraud”. Maybe I misunderstand the Constitution and Constitutional principles but is not a core role of our democracy the extension of the right to vote in the most frictionless manner essential to our basic rights?
Montgomery COunty Charter — I talked about this in a previous post but basically it’s hard to run a $100M budget and 250+ employees with no clear executive authority. So yes on the Charter for me.
Cecelia Tkaczyk for 46th Senate District — I find it hard to side with Amedore whose policies to help the City of Amsterdam relied upon magically redirecting money from the pedestrian bridge to pay for infrastructure for the city. That’s an affront to sensible policy making or even seriously grappling with real challenges.
Angelo Santabarbara for Assembly 111th District — I find it hard to take Mr Quackenbush seriously as he scolds the city on its tax rates when he imposes effective tax rates that are even higher than those he opposes. Please look at Exhibit A
Kirsten Gillibrand for US Senate — yes, there is actually a US Senator’s race. I happen to side with most of her policies, very easy choice here.
NY State Supreme Court — Felix Catena, Joe Sise, Christine Clark. I admire the legal minds in the group. I am not sure of a fourth as we get to choose four.
US COngress 20th District — Paul Tonko for his longstanding vested interest in the city and also happen to agree with most of his policies.

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3 Responses

  1. Rob Millan says:

    IMO, an absolute ‘yes’ to the badly needed charter overhaul, although I question why in their pursuit of finally making a change did the Commission include bogus term limits. Doesn’t seem like a change at all to me.
    I also hope that in their pursuit of change that the (s)elected heir-presumptive isn’t chosen from among any of the current BOS or better yet, put out a nationwide search to guarantee no ties to the current board that in part necessitated the need for an overhaul.

  2. diane says:

    OMG. Rob, we actually agree on something đŸ™‚

  1. November 4, 2014

    […] I spoke my piece on the charter yesterday so today I’m going to post the same thing I posted 2 years ago on the Amedore vs Tkaczyk race. : […]

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