As a blogger, here is what I am thankful for:
— For mavericky John McCain pursuing his mavericky ways well outside the walls of the White House. Apparently maverick means making executive decisions with little or no information reflective of reality. You betcha’!
— For the core infrastructure of the Web giving us platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Google, et al so creepy dudes like me can distribute our thoughts independently and with no overlords. Be afraid, be very afraid…
— For local AM radio so our good folks in the towns can feel some measure of self-worth through bashing the city. And also  for providing us with the comedic gold wise insights of Sir Lipton Tetley who famously predicts the winner of each election by consistently endorsing the losing candidate — Dick Morris 12010.
— For the hackery of the Wills, Brooks, Thomas, et al who provoke me to blog the more than obvious counterpoint clearly evident in objective reality. For a spectacular work of hackery, check out this recent Cal Thomas article . 
— For politicians such as the next Reagan Marco Rubio who can’t answer simple scientific questions to preserve his appeal to the ‘base’ and for a media who ignores the policy implications of promoting ignorance , preferring as always, to offer balance as if the two sides to the argument are actually subject to debate. So when your son or daughter asks simple questions which have well-established scientific explanations, be like Marco Rubio, just shrug your shoulders and say “I don’t know why apples fall to the ground instead of shooting straight out to outer space — I’m not a scientist, man”
— For the sanctimonious proclamations of thanks and grace from the very people who show contempt to the less fortunate the other 364 days of the year and whose deeds belie their words.
— For Black Friday, reminding us that consumerism trumps whatever values we held so dearly just the day before. And of course, for kickstarting the annual “War on Christmas” — the imagined affront to those who so conveniently stand to profit from the manufactured affront and their so very precious outrage which directly turns into personal financial gain.
— For Monty Python, who made it possible to see that real-life closely approximates what seems all like an absurd sketch. We’re all lumberjacks now.
— For the horrible realization at the holidays that you share most of the same genetic material as the guy across the table going on about Kenyan birth certificates and thinks Muslim is an ethnicity. Happily you can find solace in being fairly distant, although not completely genetically,  from the local gadfly who thinks that Muslims seek to terrorize us by telemarketing. Apparently they hate us for our aluminum siding. And our zero interest credit cards.
— For Chalmers demolition Parking Lot 1000, as a wonderful reminder that the proponents of demolition as a way to kickstart development have zero examples of this actually working here and for all their bluster on developers flocking to the site, have absolutely nothing concrete to show for it — no plan, no mission statement , no ownership, nothing.
And finally, for people who actually read this blog and seemingly take interest in what I have to say:

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