Breaking: Logo for Pet Food Stamps Finalized

Amsterdam, NY (July 30, 2013) 
As part of the new campaign rolling out pet food stamps in Montgomery County, the Department of Social Services has completed its survey for the logo on its EBT Pet cards, or ‘EPIC’ as its called by local administrators.
DSS COmmissioner Gibby Taway released the following statement:

“As the first and only county in the nation to offer food stamps to pets, we wanted to make sure that we got the logo just right. We think taxpayers will appreciate our careful work in choosing a proper logo — the $238 thousand in market research and logo development is a small price to pay for kickstarting this essential program for our local pet owners. Our results show the following results based upon our online survey:
– Garfield: 8%
– Snoopy : 12%
– Scooby-Doo: 34%
– Astro: 6%
– Pitbull: 40%
We look forward to rolling out this program in the coming weeks and getting our local pets the meals they deserve”

Some local supervisors were not happy with the program announcement, “This is an outrage to taxpayers. I’m not sure what all this ‘badonka donk’ and ‘Tonka truck’ are about but taxpayers deserve better. Thankfully it’s not Scooby and his gang, I was afraid they would have gotten away with it.”
We will report more details as they become available. A listing of FAQs follows this story.

Who pays for EPIC?
EPIC is wholly funded by Montgomery County taxpayers at the behest of downstate state legislators.
What if I already get food stamp benefits?
You may see an adjustment on your benefits to help pay for the new EPIC program. The computation is somewhat complex but your adjustment varies proportionately with your ability to translate the following: “Puedo utilizar cupones para alimentos para comprar langosta y tatuajes.”
What is covered by pet food stamps?
Only top tier items for your beloved pet — imported herring and sirloin tips — to name a few. If your pet smokes, you may be eligible for offbrand discounts of up to 20% off retail if using your EPIC card. We are sorry but we cannot cover pipe and cigars at this time although we seek to address this in the future.
How do I learn more? 
Please contact your local radio station — your trusted source for local information on DSS programs.

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10 Responses

  1. Rich Iwanski says:

    Cute – nice joke !

  2. Tim Becker says:

    I’d like to know when the billboards and posters to advertise this program in New York City will be up. It’s very important that we attract as many deadbeat pet owners to Montgomery County before November so that they can vote in the election.

  3. Susan Guljord says:

    I’m dumbfounded that I found your blog…and here’s the reason why. I’m sure we’ve all heard by now about Pet Food Stamps, a supposed non-profit organization begun in January by Marc Okon of New York City. Touting pet food donations for financially strapped families, individuals, the elderly and disabled to assist in feeding their pets, many, hundreds, of us signed up as soon as we found the application information on our local, major network news stations. We didn’t think twice to send in the necessary paperwork to become verified and approved to begin getting food sent to us by FedEx because afterall, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox network…they wouldn’t lie to us, would they? We were told to send award letters from benefits we were receiving along with photo ID’s (most of which were driver’s licenses). It would take 6 to 8 weeks to be approved and begin getting some help with food for our pets. The fact we were specifically told to NOT send in our SS numbers made them seem all the more legitimate. January turned into March, the end of March…the beginning of April…had the paperwork gotten lost? Did I have the wrong address or did I do a typo? I called the day after taxes were due…the brother of Marc Okon, Eric, answered and assured me that “YES, we got you in the database and food will be coming…”…blah blah blah…too little volunteer staff, thousands of applicants…whatever. To one has gotten food (although some of his staff posing as applicants claim to have gotten boxes and boxes of food…2 or 3 people….out of the 200,000 Marc Okon claims signed up???) Look at his Facebook page for Pet Food Stamps…he has deleted most of the negative feedback form people wanting to know where did our information go? When will food arrive? Why isn’t anyone being contacted or responded to? many of us, me included, were banned from his page because of the questions we were asking. His addresses are bogus, his phone number has been taken down and no where on any charitable search site can their non-profit status be found…including the one for the IRS. Have we been scammed? YOU BET we have…several have already had their SS checks intercepted, as well as debit cards. We have filed complaints with the NYS Att. General’s Office, the FTC, the Internet Fraud Division, and Mayor Bloomberg’s office. We’re hoping that investigations are being done on this huge fraud. Pets are our responsibility…I will feed them myself. I no way should government intervene to offer food stamps for our pets…it’s enough that many of us, me included, must collect food stamps now. At 64 I worked my whole life….and since 2008 my life has turned inside out. My pets have been there for me. They’re the one constant in my life now. I will take care of them. As for Marc Okon and his “gang”? I hope they chain him to a cell and let him hope for clemency, just as we all hoped for a few cans or bags of food to come and help us feed the ones who rely on us.

    • Jean Stook says:

      I too am on foodstamps benefits in Fl.
      However,I never filled out this supposed application with the Pet Food Stamps site,I did keep a watchful eye on it though,I thought to myself that it sounded too good to b true,n the one time I hoped to b wrong,is the one time I was right,so,since this has turned out to b the most heinious scam to have been perpetrated,how DO we go about getting REAL assistance for r 4legged family members ???

  4. guest says:

    Here Here Susan Guljord… same thing happened to me. Its been 7 months since I applied and I have never heard a word even after reapplying a couple of months later. I pray every day that the personal info I sent won’t be used illegally and I have had to put warnings on all my accts and with SSA.

  5. Tracey Roney says:

    Here here!! I agree with Susan Guljord and she stated the truth this place has taken advantage of sooooo many poor people and they have waited and waited and waited for food for there pets not only did they NOT get that but no one has called them or anything, no one answers PFS’s phones nor emails or anything for that matter. And the few folks PFS did call was just a blow off to make folks think they were getting something they were told “OH YOUR APPLICATION IS BEING PROCESSED, you will get a call shortly to order your food.” And to everyones suprise they never called back weeks and weeks go by and nothing ever happend.
    Countless of folks have given there personal info to PFS not only thru the mail but also thru a so called funky website and they cant even delete there info off there now. Where are there donations going, whay has PFS stated so many times diffrent stories and why has PFS changed there rules and things they stated they were going to do and NEVER have done to this day after all these months. We the public are OUTRADGED that we were taken for a ride so to speak that we have been misslead and miss guided let also PFS’s false advertising on there FB page that they give free food to those on food stamps. WHAT FREE FOOD!! No one has gottin anything. PetFlow states to everyone that calls them they have not to this day shipped any food out to anyone thats a applicate of PFS. How is it they can move from one place to a more expensive place and to go to pet expos and such. There thriving off the limelight of the media and lieing right on national TV. How is it there supporting Hi=Tor and wearing there T shirts and not there own logo PFS t shirt and supporting there own chairity. So many people are scared to speak out do to threats and banishment from there FB page and such so many folks scared to speak out thinking if they do they wont ever get food for there pets, thats just wrong no one should be affraid to speak there mind let alone tell whats really going on.

  6. Charleen says:

    What a loser this man Marc Okon is. He used publicity to make himself known…and what is he known for? Scamming thousands and thousands of desperate pet owners. Way to get your name out there Mr. Okon! All of the news stations should follow up their stories..and report the truth behind the false “Pet Food Stamps” program.

  7. Tracey Roney says:

    Here it is late October and STILL no help with food from this so called food stamps. Thousands of people STILL WAITTING and hoping and praying they will get help after all this time, there has been another few people 3 or so over the time that have stated they recived food most just say thanks, some state a bag of food came none seem very happy about it nor do they state what brands they got or any other info, WHY? These are people whom highly praise PFS and or are conected to them in some way. WHY? just these few folks, why them befour others that have been waitting and waitting and waitting! Why is PFS using credit cards to make purchases and why such small amounts of something cheap? WHERE IS ALL THE DONATIONS GOING? WHERE is PFS headquarters/building now? WHY are all these people still not being answerd? WHY is FB PFS page not being updated but yet still folks posts are being deleted or edited. And yes WHY are they not being ivestigated, why are all these news stations/media not checking out what they so highly praised and recomended to the public, why? because they dont want to have to tell the public how sorry they are for not thuroughly investigating PFS BEFOUR doing there interview. Where are all these so called thousands of folks whom recive help from PFS? Why are they not comming forward and those that were on the news media where just folks from a pet rescue that PFS is suporting NOT folks that are random off the street that need help badly. PFS suports Hi Tor, also rescue shelter, they talked about adoption services and also a social pet network? why would any of us need that, THATS NOT DOING what PFS stated via media they were for, PFS is for feeding needy family pets NOT suporting other things.. People have lost pets, given away or taken to a shelter there pets, some pets died although not directly linked to not reciving food from PFS but still all this sadness and here PFS just FEEDS off everyones emotions and heartbreak. Some people whom praise PFS state oh they cant use your info to scam you or anything, MY ASS THEY CANT, everyday countless times people have been taken advantage of PLAIN AND SIMPLE your picture ID or your name and address or even your phone number can be used by someone thats using it to the advantage for fraud and countless other things, they dont need a SSI number they have your ID and mane and addy and birthdate. PFS will NEVER be able to help thousands of people whom have applied, they have gottin way over there head and lied to society plain and simple. My heart goes out to all those whom have been lied to and taken advantage of, For all those whom have done everything they can to feed there much loved pets, for all those whom struggle day after day in this crappy economy and for the crappy goverment not carring for a humans life and for all those whom think deep down in there heart PFS is the greater good when in reality they are not. I praise all those whom battle on to help feed our VERY MUCH LOVED and charished pets that are part of our family doing whatever it takes to feed them. For all those well off folks whom constantly put us low income folks down, why dont you try and live in our shoes for a week, OH WAIT THATS RIGHT you wouldnt be able to make it a day and live as hard off as we all do.

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