City Braces for Fall Fest

Amsterdam, NY (August 23, 2013) — Local residents braced themselves for another seasonal community event: the First Annual Fall Festival on October 19th. 
“I think we’ve been through enough with the nightmare of Spring Fling. Why do we need another event?”, remarked Lotta Weining, a long time city resident. “I think there’s just too much going on now. People just aren’t ready for two events in one year. Ridiculous!”
Taking lessons from Spring Fling, organizers announced sweeping plans in preparation for the event throughout the city:
— Traffic lights at major intersections and thoroughfares will no longer be the familiar red-yellow-green traffic signals but will be transitioned to a candy corn color scheme of white-orange-bright yellow. Traffic lights will return to the traditional scheme immediately following the event.
— Given the significant construction in the city, plastic orange pylons will be replaced with pumpkin-kabobs (PKs) — 4 to 5 large pumpkins, stacked, and skewered with a metal rod supported with a base filled with corns husks.  PKs will start to replace pylons sometime in early October.
— A large hay ‘maze’ dubbed “The Maze to Nowhere”. For any child under 5, they will instantly recognize it as “The Maze to the Other Side”. In fact, it is not a maze at all but a slightly winding path to go from the south side of the diamond to the north side.
— A spooky hay wagon ride ending with cider donuts and hot cider. Due to permit issues, horses will not be allowed to pull the wagons. Instead, local elementary school students in horse costumes outfitted with candy corn feed bags will take over duties pulling the wagons.
Like Spring Fling, the event is projected to cost $1.4 million and draw several thousand visitors.

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