Election 2013, Amsterdam NY

Here’s how I’m voting in upcoming local elections:
Controller– Irene Collins . The city financials appear to be in a very sad state. If  the experience and skill sets of the current candidates were financial statements, Irene Collins’ balance sheet is much more compelling. I think getting the city back on track financially will be daunting so you need an experienced candidate.
Alderman 3rd Ward: Debra Baranello. I happen to think efforts at beautifying the city and doing something is not “nonsense” — a charge levied against Ms Baranello’s efforts. What I find to be “nonsense” as a city taxpayer is that we wholly dismiss historic preservation or the value in preserving the small-city character of our city and the best we can ever do is sheetrock. Or, that the governance of Amsterdam Muni belongs in the interests of the Golf Commission versus the interests of the city taxpayers. Or that AIDA is an effective economic development engine. 
The entire premise of this blog centers on illustrating nonsense in local politics so let’s be clear on what is and what is not nonsensical. Ms. Baranello gets the nod here.
County Executive: No Endorsement. If you look at the pitch from both candidates via their Web sites on what they are going to do, only Mr. Ossenfort appears to articulate a plan for moving forward. As someone wholly unhappy with the governance at the County Supervisor level, that makes the experience argument less compelling. On the other hand, the local Republican mantra that we can address high taxes with no clear and realistic policy approach grounded in economics makes me hesitant to pull the lever for Mr Ossenfort.
Legislator, District 8, Joe Isabel. Again, as someone wholly unhappy with the governance at the County Supervisor level, Mr. Isabel gets the nod here.
Legislator, District 9. Robert Purtell. I can’t vote for Mr. Purtell but suggesting he deserves the vote given his very practical and sound approach to dealing with policy and governance.
Legislator, District 6. John Duchessi. I can’t vote for ‘Duke’ , and would, and expect him to win this in a landslide.
Here is the full listing of races and candidates.
FAIR WARNING: You are free to debate the merits of the platforms of the candidates. You are not free to launch personal attacks or baseless assertions. 

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  1. Rob Millan says:

    It’s amazing the amount of people crying ‘no’ and asserting and re-asserting how they’d be unafraid to say ‘no’ to the mayor, as if ‘no’ were itself a catchphrase along with ‘seniors’, ‘taxpayers’, and ‘defend the taxpayers!’
    So let’s see exactly what ‘no’ has gotten Amsterdam in the last 35 years:
    -no development (thanks AIDA!)
    -no revitalization
    -no new housing stock
    -no change in the way to do business
    -no advancement in public education (remember the 65% grad rate?)
    -no new business (thanks again, AIDA!)
    -no new jobs or at least a net loss in jobs
    -no support for innovative plans that can otherwise propel the city forward; in fact those plans are actually and actively pushed away
    So yes, that’s what ‘no’ gets you, as if ‘yes’ is some sort of dastardly plan toward destruction.

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