Bacon Spoiler Alert

With the discussions swirling around the repurposing of Bacon as administrative offices to the detriment of its repurposing as a rec center, it’s important to note this comment (quotes from Recorder story here):

“We need to be very careful we’re not rushing this,” Gray said. “It’s nice to have a timeline, but I’m afraid the public will think this is a cut and dry deal. There is a lot of stuff we have to do before that. It seems we’re really rushing this and people will get that feeling it’s being stuffed down their throat.”

I disagree and here’s why it is most certainly a done deal:
— The loss of the rec center did not enter into the analysis. Here is the quote from the article:

The pros are that it is eligible for state aid and has ample space, but the only con listed — which didn’t include the fact it would push the recreation center out of the building — is the loss of revenue from the Whispering Pines preschool rent.

You can be sure that the failure to mention public support for the rec center as a con is certainly not an oversight– they are messaging the financials and hence other cons get “overlooked”.
— The $250K for the fiber optic cable is the precise ploy used to close Bacon the first time. Only then, it was the cost of an elevator, which was used over and over to emphasize that it is not reimbursable and hence drive up the “cost” to the taxpayers of the non-preferred options. That’s why the costs of repurposing as admin offices is presented as so much more compelling than the other options by emphasizing the need for fiber-optics.
I’m a bit of a tech geek so it would be nice for the board to articulate why they require fiber optic connectivity in the near term. That’s a tremendous amount of bandwidth so let’s understand what drives that requirement. I’m skeptical and will resist snarkier commentary.
— Of course, I just have to laugh at the irony of the GASD board and administration repurposing Bacon when a mere few years ago it was something which the district could not shed quickly enough.
— And finally, just wait a bit for the champions of “protecting our seniors” vis-a-vis the tax rates while blissfully casting aside any semblance of “protecting our children”.
Sorry kids and families, you lose yet again.
This is a wonderfully done deal so don’t delude yourself otherwise. It’s a timeworn script and folks just love the predictability of all.
Sorry for the spoiler.

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3 Responses

  1. diane says:

    The board members are concerned and do not want it rushed. Parillo is doing the pushing…..after all he ends up with a plush office overlooking the valley. It may be a done deal in Parillo’s eyes, but the board will make the final decision and I would encourage all to call the board members, email them on this subject and send them to the Recorder.
    Also the fact that the architects drew the plans up for no cost at this time. Of course they will get their money back.
    Also, the district should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their property to deteriorate. They need to be held accountable for not maintaining their property. Maybe too many high paid staff.
    They are supposed to be negotiating with the Bhuddists on the return of their deposit for the Bacon school. Why not negotiate with them on the old Liberty bldg in their current location. Use that for the storage they require, and remodel on a much less grander scale for the current CAB. Fix the Roof and move on where they are.
    They need to stop spending our money.

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      It’s the taxpayers who allow buildings to forego maintenance in the name of “saving money”. I encourage you to visit Bacon school and look at how well it has been “maintained”. I realize you’re not our alderperson but our third ward alderpersons never did a single thing to address the blight at Bacon sitting right in their ward — I believe it was why they were elected. I encourage you to just drive around the building and see. Just ignore the graffiti on the back; it’s certainly ok with a pre-K there to have graffiti of genitalia on the back wall of the building for years. The district has other priorities and we need to save money as it costs money to remove graffiti.
      Point is if the public doesn’t care and if the public encourages that behavior , this is what you get.
      Sorry for the rant but a bit of a sore subject for me.

      • karin says:

        I can hardly wait until January when the newly elected Third Ward Alderman takes his seat. We’ll see how much he’ll do for our ward. Maybe he’ll hire someone to do everything for him. I’ll bet he never even stepped foot onto the Clara Bacon property to see what it’s become.

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