Council Drafts Resolution Authorizing Mayor to Resign

Feb 6, 2013 (Amsterdam, NY) — In a new twist to the ongoing dispute between the Common Council and Mayor Thane, the Council has drafted a resolution authorizing an alderperson to resign on Mayor Thane’s behalf.
According to well-placed sources, the Council will issue a veto proof super majority , 5-0 vote, to pass a resolution requiring Mayor Thane to tender her resignation. Citing the legal argument that Mayor Thane’s employment with the city is a public contract and thus subject to the will of the Council in executing any and all public ¬†contracts, the Common Council sees no option but to resign on Mayor Thane’s behalf if she chooses not to resign herself.
The resolution will be introduced at the next Common Council meeting. While it is not clear who the Council would authorize as Mayor following the forced resignation of Mayor Thane, several well-placed sources confirm the Council has a definite game plan to appoint a new mayor.
Questions on the implications and authority of the Council’s actions were dismissed as “nonsense” and “ridiculous”.

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2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    All high school kid should pay attention this silliness …They might receive credit for the French Revolution …..I like her moxy

  2. rob millan says:

    I’m curious to know if the nonsense will stop at the deputy mayor. If they can pass a resolution for that, who’s next? Where will it end? It’s already gone to the extent of non-elected officials (city clerk), so what then? DPW general foreman signing multimillion-dollar contracts?
    I say the bigger issue isn’t that they would have gone to this extend, rather that they would simply try to invent a way to get around the system of checks and balances put in place by passing this resolution. It’s as if they cheat when they can’t get their way. And then trying to think of a million reasons as to why it’s okay.

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