The Thing That Never Ever Could Ever Happen Here Happens Everywhere Else Except , of Course, Here

And the Chalmers demolitionists are proven wholly wrong yet again (from Daily Gazette): 

Downtown living seems to be the wave of the future for a growing population of young adults who are putting off marriage and kids, and consequently, the desire for backyards and suburban life. Cities with well-developed downtowns, such as Saratoga Springs, have been attracting people to live in or at least close to the place where they already work, dine, shop and hang out.[snip]
The townhouse development where Jordan lives consists of eight three-story units with attached single-car garages, 1,300 square feet of living space and rent around $1,500 a month. This is just the first phase in a multiphase development that will eventually include 14 more apartments and 3,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. Maddalone said this phase of the project should kick off in July.

Remember kids: parking lots and wrecking balls , and lawn chairs, are the requisite metrics for successful development here.
But don’t expect our pundit and editorial and “protectors of the taxpayers” classes so keen on demolition and the implausibility of anyone paying more than $1000 a month in rent to face any self-examination or accountability for their utter failure to reposition or repurpose the city. While all around us, a number of cities move ahead, we certainly can do anything but. Indeed, the reality here is that if you’re spectacularly wrong on your economic development strategies year after year and decade after decade, you gain influence versus lessening influence.
If you want to know why our taxes are so high and why no development happens here, just read this story.

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