Council Actions Bring Back Toys of Old

After bursting out laughing from the headline “Vibrate” setting OK with council” from the Mohawk Valley Compass, the first thing that popped into my head was this:

And I thought how perfectly the game approximates the actions of our local governance:

  • You take much time to put your pieces in perfect position only to watch them haphazardly move across , along and backward on the board in precisely the wrong direction from where they should be.
  • You find it fun to play for a little while but after watching how ridiculous the game play is , you decide to play something more fun; something like: “let’s play dentist and I’ll give you a root canal with dad’s power drill”
  • You realize that this game is nothing like how the real game should be played but it’s too late to bring it back for a refund.
  • Madden for mobile looks like way more fun but you need a smartphone for that…
banished by the government

banished by the government

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  1. The fact that particular headline HAD to be written is a sad indictment on what local government is all about these days.

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