The Recorder Editors Very Bad Case of Buyers Remorse

Apparently the Recorder editors are none too pleased with their past endorsement of the Council given the Council’s recent actions:

It’s this nitpicking, small-town everybody’s nose in everyone else’s business that stalls progress and scares away newcomers.

The wondrous thing to behold with this turn of events is that the Council , with its actions and utter inaction, perfectly mirrors what the editors champion on a consistent basis : ideology over policy, tearing down versus building up, disinvestment versus investment, doing nothing or doing things which never work versus taking a chance and trying something new. I could really go on but will stop there as I think the point is pretty clear.
Year after year, decade after decade, we get editorials on the need to “cut taxes” and “protect taxpayers” but when actually confronted with how to make this an action versus a talking point, the current Council — proxies of the editorial mindset and so lovingly championed by the editors — finds itself with no strategy or framework to deliver. So rather than do something difficult and challenging from a policy perspective to tackle the serious issues of the city, the Council — in the editors own words– can “nit pick” at the petty, the inconsequential, the meaningless as a proxy for meaningful and substantive action.
The editors and their like-minded champions — of which there are many– now own the sad state of affairs , which honestly, are the same state of affairs forever back and forward in time.
Sorry folks, no warranties and no returns either.
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16 Responses

  1. Rich Iwanski says:

    The Mayor is not willing to meet the council and stop being the Bull in the China Closet. Not a great way to run for another term.

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      Nice talking point; but it is an established yet inconvenient fact that the Council consistently seeks to exceed its authority.

      • Rich Iwanski says:

        There is a history that thane bashing the previous councils. It’s not about getting along but total control by the mayor. The old phrase ” I’d like the Council on the bottom of the sea “.

        • flippinamsterdam says:

          Your comment has no bearing to on the legislative authority of the council, their policies, their strategy or the need to address the substantive challenges facing the city. Instead, it’s a dig of the mayor who took a dig at the council. It’s a perfect illustration of what passes for “debate” but is really anything but.

  2. Bill Sheehan says:

    I think the puppets on the council just reflect the resentment of the old guard that the Mayor continues to try and accentuate the positive when negativity has been the M.O. for so long. Her successes have been hard won and won almost single-handedly. Until city residents wake up and put more progressive and positive voices on the council, the city is in for more of the same and will not shake the image of being a risky venture.

    • Rich Iwanski says:

      We’ll never agree on our opinions but her successes have been spend, spend, spend and happy thoughts, meditation and blocking FB members. Not the road to a third term. Just my opinion and that of many other.

      • Rob Millan says:

        I’d rather have a bull in a China shop than a something that hasn’t worked in decades. Something to really shake up and try something new. And I don’t think the mayor has made an official call for a third term. I could be wrong though.

  3. wildthane says:

    This myth about not getting along with other councils and spending out of control is nonsense. I’ve never spent outside of what had been budgeted by the Budget Committee (which had consisted of five aldermen, the controller, and the mayor), and required a majority to bless off on expenditures. Even the repairs to city hall’s buildings and grounds were budgeted for. I never have had and never will have total control of what this city invests in. The progress we’ve made has been through cooperation and compromise, whether you like to admit it or not.
    The myth also fails to mention the millions of dollars in new revenues and grants my administration has garnered.
    I challenge Mr. Iwanski, just as I have the fourth ward alderperson, to tell me what we shouldn’t have spent money on: water & sewer distribution system improvements? upgrades to the water filtration and waste water plants? road repairs? demolitions? new accounting software? new DPW equipment and vehicles? fire truck? asbestos removal in city hall? emergency response after flooding?
    The response from the fourth ward has only been broken by the sound of crickets.
    Repeating the same, tired rhetoric does not make it fact. I look forward to you or that fourth ward alderperson to finally answer the questions that have been posed above. I’d also like to hear an articulated plan to address our community’s issues and grow our economy. Oh, and in any response, please dispense with gossip and the referenced nitpicking.

  4. Rich Iwanski says:

    We can debate your policies but I would rather just say we see things differently. The nature of politics is not always pretty and I’m not a political animal. You’re very strong willed and I respect that. I have a small circle of friends and don’t hold court talking about my political feelings. So I’ll leave it at that. You can have the last word but I’ll still say hello when I see you. Lesson learned.
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    • wildthane says:

      Mr. Iwanski, I am not debating policies. I am talking facts. Flippin’ and I have asked for yours,, as well as that alderperson of yours. It’s telling that you cannot support your assertions with detail.

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widely spread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.” — Bertrand Russell

  5. Mayor I am a Republican, Plain and simple I am disgusted with the Council. This council is ignorant to common sense and next election 4 of the 5 must be gone for the good of the city.

  6. Charlie K. says:

    Most of the nit-picking seems to be coming from the 4th Ward alderwoman, who seems hell-bent on turning every coffee shop rumor and talk radio lie into actual legislation. The three other GOP aldermen could put a stop to it but don’t. It seems like they are getting a sick pleasure seeing the mayor being forced to respond to the alderwoman’s nonsense. Naming her deputy mayor was a clear shot at the mayor.
    Basketball hoops, driving city cars to Price Chopper and cellphones at council meetings: that’s your city council so far. I spend my time these days bouncing between Saratoga and Troy, and believe me when I say this ridiculousness has turned Amsterdam into a punchline in the eyes of the Capital Region.

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