Common Council Resolution Seeks to Shutdown City Government

Before you think I am hyperbolic with my headline, read this in today’s Mohawk Valley Compass (Council to discuss mural oversight, protest planned

WHEREAS, in the past City-owned property has been removed, used, painted etc. without the knowledge or consent of the Common Council.
RESOLVED, no city employee shall use, remove, paint, deface any City-owned property without the written knowledge and consent of the Common Council.

Read the resolution carefully as it clearly states within its scope: “no city employee shall use any City owned property”.
This means police responding to a call must gain approval from the Council before jumping into their city-owned police car.
This means a firefighter, before dousing a fire, must get the Council’s approval to use city water, the city hydrant and the firehose , much less the fire truck used to get there. You see, as it is a ‘use” of city owned property, better call the Council. As the Council hates smartphones, looks like your house is burning down by the time a firefighter gets approval.
For the DPW workers who might use spray paint to mark electrical and gas services on the roads, you better get a lawyer because the Council might claim that is ‘defacing’ the asphalt.
And this means that any city employee sitting at a desk must get approval from the Council to use the desk, sit in the chair , type an email, and heaven forbid, use the bathroom, which may entail the use of the following city-owned items: water, toilets and toilet paper.
Effectively, this resolution makes city government inoperable. And it makes our city into a joke for anyone looking at this.
And it should clearly demonstrate exactly why this city is utterly doomed if this stuff is allowed to continue and this Council remains in office.
And yes, I know that this resolution lacks any standing within the charter for it to stick. Still, it will be spun as the Corporation Counsel’s fault versus the fact that it is one of the most ridiculous pieces of legislation proposed.
Because that’s the point really: small town politics at its finest.

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