The Gazette Editors Figure Out What the Recorder Editors Can't

Yesterday, I questioned how the Recorder editors could claim to not know why people spoke out against the Common Council, or more specifically, Ms. Hatzenbuhler. If you recall, the editors claimed this:

There was much ado about something, but we’re not sure what.

Today, the Gazette editors, on the very same topic, seem to have a crystal clear view of the issues (Hey. Council. Leave those kids alone) :

The problem with these political shenanigans, besides making council members look like control freaks, is that they sap energy and enthusiasm from legitimate community activities without fixing any real problems.
Voters should ask themselves: Is this really what we elected these people for?

Apparently the Gazette editors don’t feel a need to shield the Council from criticism by obfuscation and feigned ignorance of what is really happening and what is driving the criticism of the Council’s potential actions. Even more, the Gazette editors actually advocate for kids versus the usual drumbeat against any programs or initiatives for kids.
Furthermore, the Gazette editors, while being critical of Ms. Hatzenbuhler’s position, still refer to Ms. Hatzenbuhler with a proper title “Alderwoman Hatzenbuhler’ versus the Recorder editors preferred tactic of leveling a snide malapropism in lieu of a sound critique of the issues and positions of their target, namely Mayor Thane.
Funny how the Gazette editors don’t need to make it personal to get their point across. I guess they don’t get the real Amsterdam quite yet.

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