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  1. Rogo says:

    Are there receipts for the $900,000 in grant money for shuttleworth??

  2. Diane says:

    The reason the golf commission numbers are more readily accessible is because they have been kept separate from the city’s finances for several years. Members also maintain copies of the information and they are readily available in the group. Same with transportation they are separate also and will be on the agenda at the finance meeting which is being rescheduled due to the mayor having a conflict for Tuesday night and next Monday night. As soon as we have a date, it will be posted.
    Thank you.

  3. wildthane says:

    Financial information for the golf course has not been any more readily available than any other department. In fact, it had been less available. I think even Rogo’d agree that the Commission had tried for years to get an accurate read out of revenues and expenditures from the Controller’s office but could not. Because of the accounting problems noted by the NYS OSC, requests for these figures went unanswered. Additionally, cart and pro shop revenues were not reported at all even though the Union Business Graduate Student Analysis showed that those operations generate the lion’s share of revenue at any golf course and was a huge reason the Commission was demanding change. To state that the golf course was better managed financially than other city departments is simply not true.

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