Election Day 2014

I spoke my piece on the charter yesterday so today I’m going to post the same thing I posted 2 years ago on the Amedore vs Tkaczyk race. :

Cecilia Tkaczyk for 46th Senate District — I find it hard to side with Amedore whose policies to help the City of Amsterdam relied upon magically redirecting money from the pedestrian bridge to pay for infrastructure for the city. That’s an affront to sensible policy making or even seriously grappling with real challenges.

If you look at whose policies make more sense for our city, I believe it’s undeniably Ms. Tkaczyk.
I also hear that the local radio folks don’t like Mr. Santabarbara so to me that’s a perfect reason to vote for SantaBarbara ( in addition too his policies).
Finally, I’d like to sway these races so I can take the credit instead of Mitt Romney.

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