Council Reflects on Accomplishing Nothing in 2014; Glimmer of Hope for 2015

If you think my headline is hyperbolic, then you should carefully read today’s recorder article. Common Council is ready to clear up old business and get new year started

What’s pure awesomeness is how the Council cannot point to one significant accomplishment in 2014, ┬áif the Council member can deign to answer at all. I think Alderman Russo nails it perfectly:

“I don’t have time for all the little issues that got in the way last year, it’s baloney. “

The only glimmer of hope in 2015 is this from Alderman Russo:

“We have to start taking some of these dilapidated houses down,” he said, “but it makes me upset because these buildings aren’t being rebuilt and they’re not going back on the tax roll. Instead, we’re looking to make parks and parking lots for off-street parking — that’s not doing the taxpayers any good.”

Kudos for an alderperson finally figuring out that tearing stuff down does nothing but raise taxes and diminish quality of life in the city and actually getting upset about it. Let’s see if there is any resolve to actually doing something relevant to the future viability and success of the city versus their singular record of accomplishing nothing in 2014. Funny how the stuff they did accomplish — banning basketball hoops, wasting taxpayer dollars on misguided lawsuits against the mayor, lowering fees for golfers, micromanaging and misinforming on city departments — gets no mention at all. Wonder why?
I’m highly skeptical this Council possesses any capability to craft a vision or strategy to deal with the important stuff like lack of residential development. I hope I’m proven wrong but if 2014 is any indication, then 2015 offers more of the same — nothing.

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