How The Common Council Pursues Politics Above Governance — Why City Taxpayers Always Lose

Given this characterization of how the Council prioritizes and reaches business decisions, you now know why the city finds itself where it stands today (from the Recorder):

Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis said the council is not thinking about the potential impact to the budget.
This is a $900 car. It’s worth $900. You are spending more time on it than you spent on a $14 million power purchase agreement,” he said.

What a dazzlingly epic failure of leadership and financial management.
And it’s an epic failure as community that we allow the circus of political infighting over┬ásmaller and smaller crumbs to continue while the loaves of bread merrily head to every other community.
Normally I’d end with something snarky but how do you find snark in the Council chasing a $900 asset when they ostensibly govern a $27 million budget in a city with a slew of economic and community challenges also in the millions of dollars?
You simply can’t parody a parody.

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