Former GASD School Board Proven Totally Wrong on Bacon Closure, Yet Again

From the Recorder:

Perillo said while the Bacon school was closed in 2006, it is used for the Whispering Pines Preschool, and GED classes. The facility is also utilized by the Wishful Thinking organization for youth programming.
Parts of the building are in shambles, Perillo said, especially former administration offices. There are leaks, and the carpet is in disrepair.
The only section that is in decent shape is where Whispering Pines is located, he said.
“We are still using the building, but it needs repair,” Perillo said. “If we are going to keep it and we are going to house students up there, we need to do some renovation.”

There now can be no question that the decision to close Bacon: lacked sound financial analysis, relied on the false promises¬†of ‘consolidation’, was driven more by ideology than substance, and shortchanged students by scattering them to magnet schools and by¬†increasing class sizes for elementary students.
Exactly what those of us against the closure argued would happen has happened.
Just so it’s clear that some of the challenges facing the district and the city are totally self-inflicted. And those who pushed for closing the school never get held accountable in the court of public opinion.

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