The City of Amsterdam: FUBAR

I really try to be reasoned, measured, tempered with what I write. I try to be optimistic and hopeful. I try to be positive. But then, I read this and start to question if I am merely delusional — sitting on the Titanic and believing, “We’re not sinking; we’re merely descending into the Atlantic; but we’re not sinking, we’re merely deploying a downward trajectory. ‘Waiter, a Manhattan, dry, please’.”:

Diane Hatzenbuhler:
As for Rich and myself not being there, this was called on Tuesday night. Rich already had plans for the day. I was told by Ms. Magiletti that if I showed up I would be arrested. It was a private invitation only meeting and since it was in her building, I would be trespassing. I am the only alder person that has ever shown any interest in downtown. but Mrs. Magiletti being a personal friend of the mayor’s is more important. This is where the petty stuff comes from, and it originated with the mayor while she and Mrs. Magiletti coordinated the meeting before the end of our council meeting, which is when it was announced.

You cannot read that and not seriously consider that we have such a dysfunctional economic, political and cultural fabric that forever renders the city FUBAR from a functioning city.
I don’t drink much, and certainly not midday, but today I’m making an exception: a Manhattan, dry.

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  1. “I am the only alder person that has ever shown any interest in downtown.”
    She says this right after admitting to having no interest in Spring Fling. A downtown event.

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