Everywhere But Here

Just so we remind ourselves that we should never aim higher or strive for something better:
From the Daily Gazette:

“On every metric, this survey shows Schenectady County residents are coming downtown at increasing rates and support continuing development,” said Siena Research Institute Director Don Levy in a news release. ”Downtown not only matters to Schenectady county residents but they are proud of and excited by the progress.”

From County Executive Matt Ossenfort State of the County:

He said for the brand to be a success, businesses need to get on board and county officials need to continue working in a consistent and professional manner.

Ossenfort said the study revealed residents have a more negative perception of Montgomery County than do people living outside the community. 

“I think the branding initiative will be a big part of changing that,” he said.

So the takeaway kids is simply this: while other places can rally around something visionary and progressive, the best you can expect here is to do nothing and be told a million reasons why you can’t do anything.

You can’t change anything!

Because today needs to be the same as yesterday and tomorrow must be exactly like today. Never better, at best the same, but quite likely tomorrow will be worse.

And nothing good ever comes from changing your view or mindset or actions.

No, we must resign ourselves to accepting all that is wrong as immutable and cling to perpetuating all that is negative and hopeless.


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