Common Council Spending Millions and Adding to City's Crushing Debt

I’m merely playing back — with my sarcastic headline — the current Council members past rhetoric and demagoguery on the city’s financials given their recent actions. From today’s Recorder: 

Fourth Ward Alderwoman Diane Hatzenbuhler suggested the Common Council bond for $1 million for emergency items and postpone a bond for other capital projects until the budget is done.

I would find this really funny if I did not live in the city and have to deal with the implications of such a dysfunctional political climate that assures lower property values, higher taxes and less services.
And let’s remember: the current Council and their legions who bought in and promulgated the ‘city is bankrupt’ and ‘we can’t spend’ should not now get a free ride when they are doing exactly what they railed against. But as it’s campaign season, they now realize they might have to actually accomplish something.
They can’t have it both ways.
Apparently, and most troubling, our Council doesn’t care about our seniors with their runaway spending either.

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