City of Amsterdam Financials: Don't be a Tool

Read this article in the Mohawk Valley Compass carefully and entirely so you are not a tool on the state of the city’s financials. Here’s the teaser ( from “What Amsterdam residents need to know about the city’s “negative fund balance” ):

So what gives here? Is the city short millions of dollars? Are we spending money we don’t have? The answer requires just a little bit of understanding of the Capital Projects fund and how it is different from the rest of the funds. I’m grateful for the time that Controller Matt Agresta has spent to help me understand the situation so that I can pass along that understanding to the public.

I disagree with Tim Becker in one regard however: that some folks have ‘the best intentions’ when discussing the state of financials.
No, they absolutely do not. They think you are a tool and willfully, intentionally, purposefully, deliberately misinform on the financials and most other things so you remain a quite useful tool to their political agenda.
Here’s the simple reason why: if you want to understand the financials, why would you not , first and foremost, sit and talk to the Controller, Matt Agresta, to get a clearer understanding of the state of the financials?
That’s what Tim Becker did and wrote about. Do you know why no one else did that or wrote about that or why we get to hear everyone else’s take on the financials other than the Controller’s?
Because they think you’re a tool.
Don’t be a tool.

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  1. rogo says:

    Nobody on you or, thanes beckers sites care about borrowing. you are not concerned about paying back. thane and obama are on same page. spend today dont worry about tomorrow

  2. rogo says:

    house paid for not buy cash dont use cc card. Guesh you filed bancruppsey before

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