Common Council Charade: “Running Things Like a Business” (Part 4)

A must read from the Mohawk Valley Compass on how the Council relies upon absolutely no financial basis for their budget process. In short, the Council projects health care expenses to decrease next year well below historical experience and well below the aging trend of the retiree workforce. You can’t make this stuff up :

The Common Council voted to reduce that line to $4.1 million. So if claims exceed this line, as they did in fiscal year 2014, what will happen? We’ll have to find funds in other lines, or use contingency funds. If that runs out, then we’ll be dipping into fund balance. The budget already calls for a $160,000 appropriation from the fund balance.

Considering how this Council first denied that any fund balance existed, they can’t seem to stop themselves from tapping into any fund balance to push through their agenda.

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