The Truth on Golf Cart Fees

Here is the claim by the Council as echoed by Alderwoman Hatzenbuhler (from The Recorder: Despite resolution, cart fees still being charged):

Fourth Ward Alderwoman Diane Hatzenbuhler, who originally was for the fee, said she changed her mind after surveying surrounding golf courses.

“We are the only ones who appear to be charging a trail fee, especially on someone’s own golf cart,” she said. “From that standpoint I voted it down.”

I’d be interested to see which courses were surveyed as my research shows that golf carts are priced per person. From some Google searching, I’m also finding that the norm is to charge trail fees as courses struggle, like ours, to keep up revenues so they can continue operations and make improvements. So I am fundamentally questioning the claim.
Here are screen grabs from Schenectady, Saratoga and Rolling Hills,respectivelygc1
I’ll update this post if anyone can show me which local courses do not charge a per person fee on golf carts , whether owned or rented.

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  1. I’m sure her “sources” were well-sourced. They always are.
    Every golf course on which I have ever stepped foot, whether as a member or as a guest (when on vacation in various cities across the country)…and my clubs have gotten a lot of play time…I have ALWAYS been charged a trail fee. The reason? Because the trails are groomed! It’s a convenience fee for grooming the cart/walking trail that you (and your cart, rented or owned outright, utilizes) and, shockingly enough, has NOTHING to do with one’s membership status, cart ownership, or any other criterion.
    Now, granted, it’s been a long time since I’ve set foot at Muni (on account of not living here and all), but I’m going to make a very low-risk assumption that the maintenance crews and greens-keepers maintain said paths. In a city whose residents not only look a gift horse in the mouth, but cram their fist through its teeth and bemoan its crap on the sidewalk, I’m again going to assume, with all risk, that trails left with knee-tall grass or other unpleasant vegetation isn’t a problem at ye ‘ol Muni. I’m sure there would have been a wave of public teeth-gnashing if the course’s paths were not maintained.
    By the way…I own my own car, but when I take the Thruway, NYS has this funny habit of charging me to use the portion of the road on which I travel. They tell me it’s something to do with maintenance and upkeep. I wonder if there’s a connection in application of this theory at Muni? #1stWorldProblems

  2. Mike Van Allen says:

    Have you ever rented a cart anywhere ? I have it is rented by one person but it seats 2 . They also combine Greens fee and cart fee together . Again twisting the truth !
    nobody does what you do . Have you ever played Golf ? Screen grabs do NOT make you and expert just shows you know how to use the internet .

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      Show me the proof of a local course, here is what I said :”I’ll update this post if anyone can show me which local courses do not charge a per person fee on golf carts , whether owned or rented”.
      BTW, it’s a public golf course no matter how the city acquired it.
      If I’m twisting the truth, it should be simple to prove me wrong, just name all the other local courses from Ms hatzenbuhler’s research.

      • Rogo says:

        Any time you want to meet since it is your website want to talk golf numbers i’ ll meet you.Then we can put an end to HOW THANE WRECKED AMSTERDAM MUNI AMD BUILT A BRIDGE.

  3. Mike Van Allen says:

    Also Stadium is a PRIVATE CLUB and is in it to make a profit . Amsterdam Muni is a “GIFT” from FDR to the City and is NOT (or shouldn’t be ) in it for PROFIT !!!! Stop twisting the truth .

  4. Mike Van Allen says:

    You are trying to tell me that the Stadium Charges $36.00 for the rental of a cart for 18 holes of Golf if two people ride a two person cart ? I don’t buy it ! Don’t care what Hatzy said she has never played a round in her life either . Also greens fees on top of that ?

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      Mike, I just called Stadium, you can share a cart but they charge, by person. So it is $36, exactly as my post shows. Here is the number for the pro shop– 518.374.9104
      Maybe you should rethink your claim of how I twist the truth. I bring facts, you bring personal attacks with no facts.
      Yellow card.

      • flippinamsterdam says:

        Mike, I just called schenectady muni pro shop and cart rentals are per person 518-382-5155.
        Pretty clear who twists the truth here.

      • Mike Van Allen says:

        Just called Stadium . It is Exactly What I stated they charge $ 44.00 per person including Greens Fee for the day . Which is the only way a non member can play . Exactly what I told you . It breaks down to $ 16.00 a person per cart and a $ 28.00 greens fee . They have memberships and Senior and weekday rates . It is also a PRIVATE club which have historically higher rates than Municipal courses . These are carts owned by the course .

        • flippinamsterdam says:

          You are still not answering the question — the cart charge is still per person just as you wrote. You have not shown that a companion on a cart gets to ride for free.
          And no that is not what you said previously which is this: “You are trying to tell me that the Stadium Charges $36.00 for the rental of a cart for 18 holes of Golf if two people ride a two person cart ? I don’t buy it ! Don’t care what Hatzy said she has never played a round in her life either . Also greens fees on top of that ?”
          What you said previously is false. And what you said now contradicts what you said before.

  5. wildthane says:

    Via Golf Commission Chairman Pam Ritter:
    “The golf course is and has been subsidized by taxpayers for years. At fiscal year end June 30, 2015 it will need approximately $95,000 to $100,000 from the City’s general fund to be made whole. The budget for next year is already $80,000 in arrears and the fiscal year hasn’t even started. The deficit is very likely to be much higher as expenses have increased while our revenue is stagnant. The Common Council has vetoed a rate increase recommended by the commission in each of the past 3 years. The Council recently approved a capital expenditure of $150,000 that the course will be hard pressed to re-pay.
    The Golf Commission has worked tirelessly to implement accountability and profitability from it’s management team, staff and golfers and provide an enjoyable experience. From all reports we’ve been successful.
    Now our Council Liaison, Ed Russo is putting forth a resolution to abolish the golf commission at the June 16 Council meeting.
    The goal of the golf commission is to operate the course with as little financial assistance from the City as possible. Apparently, the Council doesn’t share that same goal.”

    • Rogo says:

      Any time you want to talk numbers i ‘m available’ you haven’t had any right numbers since you have been in. I CAN PROVE IT BY GOLF BUDGETS NUMBERS SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN IN. do yoy want to sit down!!!

  6. Mike Van Allen says:

    More Lies . Would not trust Pam Ritter as far as I can throw her . You don’t know any of these people as I do . If she told me the sky was blue I would go out and check !

  7. wildthane says:

    Mike, the Golf Course budget is a public document that has been distributed and discussed openly at meetings. Ms. Ritter speaks the truth.

    • Rogo says:

      Any time mayor bring the numbers on!!!!!!!

    • Mike Van Allen says:

      You are again talking of what you do not know . These are Carts owned by a private club NOT member owned personal carts already paid for by their owners . Don’t worry Anne I won’t be back up there next year . I am going to Antlers $ 1100.00 for Golf and Cart as much as you want and they treat you like GOLD ! No BS no extra fees ! By that time you will have next to no members ( I hear you are down to 200) . Then you can sell the course just like you originally planned . Probably to a developer to build houses nobody wants ! That is if you manage to get re-elected . You have lost one that I know of .

  8. When I viewed the cart leasing expenses, there was no mention of the $20,000 paid to the pro not to rent carts. Wjhen you don’t include all the expenses associated with the leasing agreement, it tends to make one doubt the veracity of your report. That leads to people wondering if they can believe anything that is reported, concerning the finances of the golf course.

  9. MH says:

    The mayor has ruined the golf course. She is ignorant as to what a trail fee is. The circled fees above look like they pertain to cart rentals, not trail fees. She has no idea what she is talking about. Because of HER, membership is down. Why doesn’t she lower taxes instead of trying to be relevant in other areas. She is in way over her head.

  10. To Thom Georgia, once you stated that the greenskeeper and his staff take care of the cart paths it became evident that you haven’t been to Amsterdam Muni in a long time. Up until a few years ago, the majority of the cart paths were a disgrace. People drove their carts in the rough next to the cart paths to save their carts suspension. A few years ago, some of the cart paths were repaved, and it was long overdo. There are still many cart paths that need replacing. I will give the current superintendent, Darren Graf, a lot of credit for his work in making improvements to Muni. He has done a tremendous job. Prior to him, the cart paths were not maintained, and were a source of ridicule. Your low-risk assumption was well off the mark.

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