Lessons From Troy, NY for Amsterdam, NY

I found this first-person account of moving to Troy compelling for its parallels to here (Troy’s Magnetic Appeal ):

On my first visit, I gaped in awe at the magnificent Victorian architecture along the Hudson River: triangle-shaped office buildings, marble banks, ornately adorned retail shops, old-world brownstones, tree lined streets and outdoor cafes. For three years, I stood on my soap box extolling the virtues of the Collar City to the locals only to be scoffed at as they recounted the horrors of drive-by shootings and arsons. Then, I walked my talk and moved there.

Today, my apartment along the Hudson has a waiting list. Developers have bought all but a few of the most magnificent Troy structures and are turning them into luxury lofts, unique offices for startups, fast-growth tech firms and supporting professions. Bars and restaurants are popping up and becoming the most talked about places to go. Am I a real estate psychic? Maybe.

And sorry but I do need to mention that this city rejected residential development along the Mohawk and continues to scoff at those who might envision otherwise.
Still, there is hope , I believe.

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