City on Edge After Downtown Farmers Market Incident

Amsterdam, NY (Oct 5, 2015) — While details remain unclear, a verbal altercation between a Hispanic woman and some vendors took place on Saturday, October 3rd at the Amsterdam Downtown Farmers Market. ¬†From several reports, the suspect was verbally abusive, removed some police barricades and failed to follow traffic regulations before speeding away. Police were called but no charges were issued.
The incident unsettled local political leaders who see this as a worrisome trend in the city. Local 6th Ward alderperson Lynne Bylynn echoed some of the sentiments of many city residents,”What is happening to this city is shameful with those people feeling they can do whatever they want and not respect their fellow citizens or the police. How does someone get to drive such a nice truck and buy vegetables when more likely than not, they are on welfare. I know it’s not politically correct but those people are ruining our city. Our seniors are truly scared.”
Similar sentiments were echoed on local radio by a long time caller, “Well, I was driving through the city looking at all that is wrong like I love to do on my weekends and glare at all those people who just sit on their porches. Now I didn’t see the incident take place but I am sure it happened because those people don’t have any respect, unlike our resident senior citizens who have the most exemplary manners and the utmost of civic mindedness. I feel sorry for our seniors who might have had to see this but it just goes to show everything wrong with social services. I’ll even bet this woman had a tattoo. Thank god I live in the town where we don’t have these people, or tattoos. I’m glad the 6th ward has the good sense to elect someone who’s not afraid to say what needs to be said.”
This story will be updated as more details emerge.

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