The Single Statement that Shows How Hopeless the City of Amsterdam Really Is

Police Chief Greg Culick on the brouhaha concerning the Farmer’s Market on Main Street: (the Recorder)

“The store that is complaining, there were cars parked right in front of her business,” he said. “I was able to come off the bridge, make a U-turn, and park where I wanted. Schenectady blocks off four streets all weekend for the farmers market. Troy does the same thing. I don’t think the street is the issue. It’s passable. I urge you to table it.”

Apparently every other city can figure out how to hold events and gatherings except Amsterdam.

Every other city can build a pleasant, stress-free environment for vendors to sell stuff except for Amsterdam.

Every other city can make the experience about giving the shopper convenience, choice and quality at a single point except for Amsterdam.

Every other city realizes that not everything needs to be political except for Amsterdam.

Every other city actually has more people working toward positive than negative except for Amsterdam.

Amsterdam — the exceptional city on the Mohawk– making what is possible everywhere else , all but impossible here.

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  1. Steve Gomula says:

    This may have already been asked and answered, but why can’t that section of Main St.?Be blocked off from traffic all together and be open to pedestrian traffic only. Much like Jay St. In Schenectady. I’m sure accommodations could be made for parking somewhere close by. Just a thought. Some people still want to see our home town make it.

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