Local Newspaper Editors Furious at Competitive Newspaper's Mayoral Endorsement

Amsterdam, NY (October 23, 2015) –With today’s endorsement of Mayor Thane for Mayor of the City of Amsterdam by rival publication Daily Gazette, local editors at the Amsterdam Reporter were furious at the endorsement and the editorial tone directed at the candidates.
“We were simply appalled at the tone of the editorial — positive, respectful to both candidates and hardly any contempt directed at the mayor.”, remarked Edward Ditter, managing editor. “Even worse, the Daily Gazette seems to forget about the most important aspect of the mayoral race, namely, what a terrible threat Facebook and social media are to our positions as bastions of informed and erudite discourse. The Daily Gazette would be wise to rail against any digital media to preserve the interests of our newspaper and radio listening public who, without question, share their always informed and always respectful views the proper way — through letters to the editor and call-ins to local talk shows.”
Asked if a decision on endorsement had been made at the Amsterdam Reporter, Mr. Ditter remarked, “We will not rashly publish a decision like our competitors until we dig deeper into the issues and candidates through a [audible laughter in background], umm, sorry for the noise, [more laughter] careful deliberation and vetting process over the next few weeks. [uncontrollable laughter now] Sorry, have to run!”
Local resident and self-admitted newspaper and talk radio addict, Chance Tukomplayne, also expressed outrage with the Daily Gazette’s endorsement, “Well, I don’t know how they could endorse this Mayor as far as I’m concerned. Now I don’t go on Facebook but let me tell you what I hear — the mayor’s ripe for plucking and a raging Nazi dictator. ┬áPlus, what the hell is she doing out of the kitchen? Someone demanded that a while ago on the radio and she still refuses to get out of City Hall and get back in the kitchen! How the Daily Gazette can dismiss the opinions of our esteemed bastions of civil discourse at our local media outlets I’ll never understand.”
This story will be updated as the various campaigns respond.

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