City Residents Show Unanimous Support for Efforts to Uglify City

Amsterdam, NY (Jan. 11, 2016) — While most communities strive and work to beautify public and private spaces, city residents in this small upstate city pulled together to further uglify an already aesthetically challenged city dealing with blight and aesthetic decline in some its neighborhoods. With patches of dilapidated and rundown housing, city residents embraced efforts by their new mayor to rid the city of any aesthetic enhancements that might represent glimmers of hope or optimism, or most dangerously, taking pride in the city as evidenced by the many community members and volunteers working to bring some pride and joy to a city long down on its luck.
Like many upstate industrial cities, Amsterdam possesses wonderful architecture and a rich cultural tradition now stressed as a result of a decline in population and lack of growth. While other cities see their opportunities for revival through embrace of architecture and preservation and indeed a shared  optimism for a revived city, city residents in this community instead embrace an opposite strategy — investing in massive demolition efforts and downplaying any efforts or initiatives that look to a different future for the city coupled with complete disdain for any initiative or any champion striving to make the city better, even if just a wee little bit.
Longtime neighboring resident to the city, Bonnie Alwaze Complaina, captured the sentiments of many city residents championing uglification, “Look, we don’t need any of this crap — murals, green spaces, rose gardens, community events, artwork. Let’s not kid ourselves on how doing any of these things will make the least bit of difference. You know what the new mayor should do? He should just tell all homeowners to get rid of their gardens, their flowers, their cutesy flags as what difference does any of that make? Why hang pictures or works or art? The city is a terrible, terrible city and the sooner we accept that , the better for everybody. I tell everybody , every day what a terrible place it is. I’m glad to see the mayor putting city crews to work tearing stuff down and ripping stuff out that a bunch of do-gooder, hippie, leftist volunteers contributed. Sure, I was deadset against any public money or public worker spending on beautification, but if they are working on uglification, I am 150 percent behind that! I hope this Council and Mayor can put together another two to three million in money to demolish all the eyesores!”
Many volunteers opposed to the uglification efforts came together via social networks such as Facebook to keep their hopes alive for preserving some of the beautification efforts in the city.
Local politicians would not comment on the matter until they hear from their regular contributors on local talk radio.

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  1. Bill says:

    Spot on…I didn’t think it was possible, but this guy Villa appears to be an even bigger punk than I heard he was. I feel bad for city residents…four years will seem like an eternity.

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