Former Common Council Members Seek Preliminary Injunction Against Shaq

Amsterdam, NY (Jan. 25, 2016) — With videos of an officer playing street ball with kids and a subsequent video featuring NBA legend Shaquille O’Neall going viral, ex-council members convened to prevent such an occurence in this small upstate city.
The former council members consulted with their legal advisors on how to extend their 2015 legistlation that banned street basketball to keep Shaq from ever playing street ball in this city.
Former sixth ward Common Council member, Lynn Bylynne, expressed the outrage of the former Council toward the actions on the video, “I don’t think the officer and Shaq are setting a good example for our kids by encouraging lawlessness through basketball. We hope that our preliminary injnction against Shaq will keep such shenanigans from happening in this city. We have many seniors in this city already terrified of basketball ; imagine how they will react if they were to spot Shaq slamming dunks on their street. Or even worse, our kids exposed to Shaq possibly attempting a three. ”
While other municipalities and police officers lauded the community engagement and building exemplified by the officer and Shaq, many residents of this small town flooded local talk radio with angry complaints toward outisde meddling in the city’s affairs. A frequenc caller expressed the sentiment of this group with her on-air comments, “I don’t care what other cities are doing, we don’t need to look at what works everywhere else. It only matters that we keep doing here whatever we’ve been doing no matter how miserably it fails year after year. So Shaq can stay out of our business and off our city streets as far as I’m concerned!”
The videos at the center of the controversy:



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