City Celebrates Its Own Demise

The demolitionists must be utterly joyous at the prospect of 47 buildings to be demolished for a very cool price tag of $2 million. That’s $42, 553.19 average per home. (Council Plans to Sell Some Foreclosures Separately)
I hate to point out that demolition is wholly funded by increasing taxes and by raising the city’s as the demolition costs are bonded. This is an indisputable, yet inconvenient fact.
Instead of viewing demolition as unsustainable and ultimately disastrous from a fiscal perspective, the prevailing view is that demolition is unquestionably a good thing and something we need more of, not less.
Now, you would think that maybe, just maybe, you might want to invest some money into bringing growth or at least reducing the odds of demolition given that each foreclosure costs city taxpayers some $42 thousand.
But you would be wrong: the prevailing mindset is that demolition is the end all and be all solution to getting the city to rebound. And what the city needs is actually less investment in growth and rebuilding.
Think about how utterly disastrous that belief has been yet we need to continue to embrace and cherish that belief.
So don’t be surprised as the lawn chairs come out and the demolitionists celebrate the continued destruction of the city, all on your very own taxpayer dollars.

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